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Annie Landau

2017.06.22 | Research

New article in JCBFM

Annie Landau, Gregers Wegener and others have just published "Elevated dopamine D1 receptor availability in striatum of Göttingen minipigs after electroconvulsive therapy" in Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism.

Anders Abildgaard

2017.06.22 | Research

New article in Psychoneuroendocrinology

Anders Abildgaard, Betina Elfving, Gregers Wegener and others have just published "Probiotic treatment reduces depressive-like behaviour in rats independently of diet" in Psychoneuroendocrinology

PhD-student Esben Axelgaard. Photo: Private photo.

2017.06.22 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Esben Axelgaard

Mannan-binding lectin in diabetes-mediated vascular complications.

Photo: Kim Kejlberg

2017.06.21 | Research

The Brain Collection on the agenda

When the Regional Council of Central Denmark Region meet today, they will decide on the future of the more than 9,000 brains at TNU, Aarhus University Hospital Risskov.

PhD student Mette Marie Fode

2017.06.16 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Mette Marie Fode

Optimization of stereotactic body radiation therapy for metastases

2017.06.15 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Dinesh Neupane

Community-based management of hypertension in Nepal

2017.06.13 | Administrative

Well on the way towards a smarter, more digital studies administration

"Digitisation offers enormous potential for education at Aarhus University. If used intelligently, digitisation can help us improve the administrative service we provide to the university’s 40,000+ students and their teachers. And by investing in educational IT, we will can both improve quality and increase student engagement. In this month’s…

PhD-student Torbjørn Brøgger. Photo: Private photo.

2017.06.13 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Torbjørn Brøgger

Placental vascular physiology and regulation

PhD-student Anne Højland.

2017.06.13 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Anne Højland

SorLA Trafficking in Polarized Cells and Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on SorLA Deficient mice

2017.06.14 | Policy and strategy

Aarhus University launches ambitious digital initiative

Over the coming years, Aarhus University will realise an ambitious multi-phase digitisation initiative which will help prepare researchers, students and the labour force for the digital transition of the future. On 9 June, the board approved the plans for the four action areas of the initiative and to the launch of the first action area in autumn…

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