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2018.12.13 | Course

Advanced course on Learning and Memory: Cellular and system mechanics

This Advanced Course will bring together world experts in examining memory (and the engrams that support them) at multiple levels of analysis from synapses and neurons to circuits and systems applying a variety of different techniques to animal models in health and diseases. The course will take place on Island of San Servolo, Venice, Italy.

2018.12.12 | Research

A New Study on Training Load in Half-Marathon Runners

Damsted et al. reveal a new RUNSAFE article in Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy.

2018.12.12 | Research

New centre focusing on life impacts

There is not much knowledge about the effects of environmental and social impacts on health, quality of life and causes of death. A newly established research centre is now working to find out, by applying big data and an interdisciplinary approach to the area.

2018.12.11 | Events

Conference: Danish Cancer Research 2019

The national conference "Danske Kræftforskningsdage" will be held on 29 and 30 August 2019 in Odeon, Odense. The programme appeals widely to researchers, clinicians, healthcare personnel, patients and politicians.

2018.12.11 | Talent development

PhD course: Process and product in working with your dissertation

The University of Southern Denmark offers a PhD course about the process of writing your PhD dissertation. The course will be held in Danish or another Scandinavian language, but presentation of papers in English is also accepted. Sign-up deadline is 21 January 2019.

2018.12.11 | Events

Sign up for PhD Cup 2019

Are you a Danish-speaking PhD who have graduated during 2018? Now is your chance to sign up for PhD Cup 2019, which is a competition on who will do best at disseminating their research to the wide public. Deadline is 1 February 2019.

Internationalisation, external research funding and recruitment is on the docket again for 2019. Photo: Simon Fischel

2018.12.11 | Policy and strategy

The Dean: Here are next year's focus areas

The faculty management team has new goals and activities ready for 2019. Internationalisation, external research funding and recruitment are again in focus – but with a twist. Find out more about next year's activities or listen to Dean Lars Bo Nielsen briefly explain them.

One of the mysteries about the disease has been the question of why the patients produce so little of the protein. Now we have, for the first time, an explanation at cellular level, says MSc Didde Haslund, who is a PhD student and the article’s first author. Photo: Private.
The research Result is the crucial first step towards having the ability to treat these patients with gene therapy, says Professor Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen from the Department of Biomedicine. Photo: Private.

2018.12.11 | Research

New understanding of mysterious 'hereditary swelling'

For the first time ever, biomedical researchers from Aarhus University have unveiled cellular defects that lead to the rare disease hereditary angioedema (HAE), where patients experience recurrent episodes of swelling that requires immediate treatment. This new understanding is an important step towards gene therapy for patients.

The faculty's new welcome package for technical/administrative staff helps new employees and their managers. Photo: Health Communication.

2018.12.13 | Administrative

New website helps new technical and administrative staff at Health

Being a new employee in a large organisation can be difficult. But now being new to Health will hopefully be a little easier. The faculty has gathered together the information needed to help new technical-administrative employees at Health get off to a good start.

"We constantly see that researchers have not properly understood the requirements," says Niels-Henrik von Holstein Rathlou, before urging researchers to make use of the contact persons that the Novo Nordisk Foundation makes available for all types of calls for applications. Photo: Ernst Tobisch.

2018.12.12 | Research

Novo Nordisk Foundation: Joint research must really be joint

Take a look at the Tandem and Synergy programmes – but please read the instructions carefully before you press send! That is one piece of advice to Health researchers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which in principle can provide support for almost all research areas within the health sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences.

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