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2019.03.21 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Pernille Gabel

To screen or not to screen - A decision aid to support informed decision making in colorectal cancer screening.

Annie Landau, associate professor at TNU

2019.03.21 | Research

Four new TNU publications

Take a look at the four new TNU publications.

2019.03.20 | Event

Topical Seminar by Enrico Tongiorgi

Enrico Tongiorgi is an Associate Professor at the BRAIN Center for Neuroscience, Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy. He is hosted by Marco Capogna and the seminar is entitled: "BDNF mRNA variants in neuronal development: the “spatial & quantitative code model”

2019.03.20 | Event

Neuroscience Day 2019

On 13 May 2019, the fifth Neuroscience Day will take place at the Lakeside Lecture Theatres at Aarhus University.

2019.03.20 | Event

Nordic Neuroscience Meeting 2019

Join the 3rd Nordic Neuroscience Meeting in June 12-14 2019 in Helsinki.

2019.03.20 | People news

New student assistant at NeuroCampus Aarhus

Frederikke Bessermann Hansen is the newest addition to the NeuroCampus Aarhus team.

2019.03.20 | Meeting

NorPEN 2019 meeting

DCE is organizing the 2019 meeting of the Nordic PharmacoEpidemiological Network, NorPEN

2019.03.19 | Research

New Danish study on HPV vaccination

A new study shows that girls with suspected adverse effects after HPV vaccination are more likely to have prior diagnoses of some diseases than girls with no suspected adverse effects.

2019.03.19 | Event

Research year defence

Frederikke Schønfeldt Troelsen

Health’s new APN track on the Master’s degree programme in Nursing has attracted twice as many applicants as it has places for.

2019.03.19 | Education

Places on the new nursing track in great demand

Places on Aarhus University’s new APN track – which offers nurses an education in advanced clinical nursing – are in great demand. The 147 applications demonstrate the need for professional development at a time when the healthcare sector is undergoing major changes, says the vice-dean.

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