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A single university-wide WPA in 2019

In the spring of 2019, AU will conduct a workplace assessment (WPA). Unlike in previous years, the upcoming WPA survey will include questions about both the physical and the psychological workplace environment at AU. The questionnaire will also be simplified compared to previous years.

2018.09.27 | Signe Opstrup

Photo: Lars Kruse

We have simplified and streamlined the survey to make the work assessment survey process faster and more efficient. One effect of the changes in the upcoming WPA survey will be that the results of the survey will be available on the website after approx. three weeks.

The WPA is not a comprehensive survey of the workplace environment at AU, but is rather a tool that can call attention to areas that need to be explored and worked with locally, for example through dialogue meetings.

The questionnaire will, as in previous years, include a number of questions that apply to everyone at AU as well as up to five faculty and administration-specific questions which the local occupational health and safety committees and liaison committees are in the process of formulating.

Facts about the 2019 WPA

  • The survey will be conducted 25 February – 13 March 2019.
  • Reports will be published on the website in early April 2019. After this, local follow-up and dialogue meetings will begin.
  • The WPA will include questions about both the physical and the psychological workplace environment. The psychological part of the questionnaire will be anonymous.

Additional information

  • Read more about the upcoming WPA at au.dk/APV
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