Poster prize

Saida Said won the poster prize at the conference “Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease” in Vienna, Austria with her poster "The molecular mechanism for overcoming the rate-limiting step in monoamine neurotransmitter transport".

2016.09.16 | Karen Jul Madsen

Saida Said

Saida's research was included in her master's thesis under the supervision of Steffen Sinning, Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit, Department of Clinical Medicine, as part of a multidisciplinary collaboration with Poul Nissen’s group, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Birgit Schiøtt’s group, Department of Chemistry.

The poster describes in molecular detail how a group of the brain’s transport proteins with important roles in depression and addiction overcome the step which limits their effectiveness. The discovery makes it possible to describe the full function of the transport protein and can provide better opportunities for counteracting the effect of amphetamine and ecstasy on the brain.

Saida Said is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Steffen Sinning at Translational Neuropsychiatric Unit in collaboration with Team leader Hanne Poulsen and her group at DANDRITE, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Part of the scientific content of the poster was recently published in Nature Communications (Malinauskaite, Said et al, Nature communications, 2016).

You can read more about Saida's prize using the link below (Danish):

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