23.05.2018 | Møde

Tirsdagsmøde 4. september 2018

23.05.2018 | Møde

Tirsdagsmøde 21. august 2018

23.05.2018 | Arrangement

Infant talkers and infant listeners

With Linda Polka, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

23.05.2018 | Konference

Biofilms 8

Biofilms 8 is the 8th conference in a series that cover the topic of bacterial biofilms in the broadest sense.

22.05.2018 | Ph.d.-forsvar

Ph.d.-forsvar: Anders Rosendal Korshøj

Advancing tumor treating fields brain cancer treatment through computational modeling of the electrical field distribution

22.05.2018 | Arrangement

Aarhus Universitetsforlags lagersalg

Hjælp os af med 15 paller bøger!

22.05.2018 | Ph.d.-forsvar

Ph.d.-forsvar: Thea Pinholt Lillethorup

Evaluating Göttingen minipig models of Parkinson's disease with PET imaging

22.05.2018 | Seminar

MIB guest talk: Chris Corcoran

PhD student from University of Cambridge visits MIB and gives talk on swing performance in classical musicians.

22.05.2018 | Ph.d.-forsvar

Ph.d.-forsvar: Hang Nguyen Nielsen

Mutational studies of the mechanisms of ion binding and PKA regulation of the Na,K-pump

18.05.2018 | Forskning


SkuldNet is a neuroscience consortium established with the aim of exploring the neural architecture of consciousness. The main focus of SkuldNet is linking magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based neuroarchitectural mapping to normal variation in conscious experience (basic science branch) as well as to diagnosis/prognosis for a range of brain…

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