New face at MIB: Christine Ahrends

New soon-to-be-PhD student joins MIB to investigate cross-modal integration in predictive coding.

12.01.2018 | Hella Kastbjerg

Christine Ahrends studied music and musicology at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, Germany, the Conservatoire Santa Cecilia Rome, Italy, and the University of Music and Dance Cologne, Germany, as well as neuroscience at the Universities Maastricht, Netherlands, and Florence, Italy. From 2016 to 2017, she has been a research assistant at the Dresden Music Cognition Lab at the Technical University Dresden, Germany, with Martin Rohrmeier and a visiting scholar at the Centre for Music and Science at the University of Cambridge, UK, with Ian Cross. Parallel to her studies, she has worked mainly as ensemble singer and participated in many concerts around Europe, as well as in a number of TV- and radio-productions.

She has experience in the conduct of behavioural, EEG, and fMRI experiments. Her research interests include predictive coding, irrationality in human decision making, and mental health in musicians. For her study on excessive music practicing, she has received the promotional prize of the German Society for Music Medicine and Music Physiology (DGfMM) in 2017.

As PhD fellow at the Center for Music in the Brain, she will investigate cross-modal integration in predictive coding using a decision making paradigm with Peter Vuust and Lauren Stewart as supervisors. The project will make use of behavioural and fMRI methods and aims at understanding possible influences of predictive uncertainty in music on other perceptive and cognitive domains.


Ahrends, C. (2017). Does excessive music practicing have addiction potential? Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain, 27(3), 191–202, doi:10.1037/pmu0000188

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