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Until now, we have tried to reduce CO2 emission by focusing on joint global legislation in this area. However, this does not appear to be working. PhD student Katerina Peterkova has shown that it could be an advantage to focus on corporate contracts as a way to demand less CO2 emission.

2013.10.04 | Research

Companies must make demands on suppliers regarding CO2

World leaders are unable to agree on a joint global climate policy. If we seriously want to reduce the world’s CO2 emission, we should be focusing instead on the contracts made by companies in Europe and the USA with their suppliers in developing countries. Research shows that large amounts of CO2 could be saved.

New collaboration between Aarhus University and Novo Nordisk A/S will increase our knowledge about treatment of the long-term complications which still affect many diabetics.

2013.10.04 | Collaboration

Public-private partnership to advance Danish diabetes research

A new partnership between Novo Nordisk A/S and experts from Aarhus University will work to generate new knowledge about incapacitating complications of diabetes. The partnership will provide unique opportunities to strengthen research into diabetes complications and treatment.

2013.10.01 | Administrative

Reminder - Limited access to Aarhus University Student Self Service (STADS) from 2 to 23 October 2013

Please note that The Aarhus University Student Self Service in STADS will be closed from 2 October to 23 October at 10.00 due to the conversion of study administration data from AU Herning (AUHE) and Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE) to AU STADS.

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