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2014.04.24 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Kenneth Rothman

The Growing Rift between Epidemiologists and Their Data.

2014.04.24 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Lars Pedersen

Danish Health Registries as a Resource in Clinical Epidemiology: Historical Perspective and Future Prospects.

2014.04.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Trine Lauwring Dalsgaard

Gene therapy for Phenylketonuria

Associate Professor Kim Mouridsen from Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine, Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) and MINDLab.

2014.05.13 | Grants and awards

One million Danish kroner towards brain cancer research

Kim Mouridsen from Aarhus University has received DKK one million from the Lundbeck Foundation. The money will go towards improving the treatment of patients with brain cancer.

2014.04.24 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Sanne Bøjet Larsen

Platelet aggregation and turnover in patients with stable coronary artery disease receiving low-dose aspirin.

2014.04.23 | Seminar

Internet Week Denmark

A Festival Celebrating the Internet

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry will be gathered in one location in Skejby in the spring of 2015. Holger Jon Møller has been appointed professor and chair for this department.

2014.05.01 | People news

New professor and chair for AU and AUH

Holger Jon Møller has been appointed professor and chair at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Clinical Biochemistry. He takes up the position at the department – which is the largest of its kind in Denmark – on 1 July 2014. From 2015 the department will be gathered at one location in Skejby.

April 10 2014: The six researchers were awarded the scholarships and gave a brief introduction to their research projects.

2014.05.01 | People news

Scholarships worth millions to researchers from Aarhus

Six researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have just received scholarships from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The Falcon 9 Rocket that will carry the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to the ISS. Photo: SpaceX

2014.04.14 | Health and disease

Denmark sends cancer cells to the International Space Station

For the first time, Denmark is sending human cells to the International Space Station ISS with an American spacecraft that blasts into space on 14 April 2014 with cancer cells on board. The aim is to examine the reaction of the cancer cells to weightlessness as this can contribute important new knowledge to the treatment of cancer. NB THE LAUNCH…

[Translate to English:] Louise Ejgod Hansen er projekt- og forskningsleder for de forskere, som skal bidrage aktivt til at udvikle og kvalificere processen omkring Aarhus 2017.

2014.05.09 | Research

Research to shed light upon Aarhus as European Capital of Culture 2017

Aarhus has been appointed European Capital of Culture 2017. In which ways will this affect the city? This question is to be examined by researchers from Aarhus University in nine research projects recently launched by the rethinkIMPACTS 2017 cooperation.

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