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2014.03.27 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Shallu Sharma

Diversity of Outcomes in Spine Deformity Surgery: Investigations entailing the individual role of Clinical Radiographic Success, Cosmesis, Patient’s rated outcomes, and Socio-economical perspectives.

2014.03.27 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Peter Niekerk

Residual Disease at The Stem Cell Level in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia – a Tool for Improved Clinical Follow-up and Elucidation of Disease Biology.

2014.03.27 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Hans Gjørup

The morphology of the cranium and the cervical vertebral column in patients with hypophosphatemic rickets.

2014.03.27 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Thøger Persson Krogh

New Perspectives for Injection Therapies and Ultrasonographic Evaluation in Lateral Epicondylitis.

2014.03.27 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Lars Rolighed

Effects of vitamin D treatment in primary hyperparathyroidism.

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2014.03.25 | Research

New website provides overview of phenotyping expertise at AU

A new website consolidates the expertise and possibilities in phenotyping at AU for researchers in need of the service.

Patients with deficient parathyroid hormone have a reduced quality of life. Tanja Tvistholm Sikjær will help these patients by carrying out more research in the area.

2014.04.10 | Grants and awards

Grant will shine a spotlight on hormone-related diseases

Tanja Tvistholm Sikjær from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has received a grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research. The grant is to be used to gain more knowledge about patients with a deficiency of the parathyroid hormone.

2014.03.25 | Research

The first call for AIAS-COFUND Fellowships is now closed

With a total number of 143 applications of this first call, a complex review and selection process in the months ahead is to end in the first cohort of up to 25 AIAS-COFUND Marie Curie Fellows, commencing 1 October 2014 and some 1 February 2015.

Students and teachers at Health are about to use Blackboard.

2014.03.27 | Education

Health begins using Blackboard

Blackboard is AU's new shared system for learning activities and handling course material for students and teaching staff. The system has been piloted and tested by BSS and is now being implemented in the other main academic areas. At Health around half of the students and their teachers will begin using Blackbord after the summer holidays.

2014.03.19 | Research

Denmark’s first research group on sports law has been established

Never before has there been a research group in Denmark or the Nordic countries that focuses in sports law – but now one has been established at Aarhus University. The global influence of sports demands a specialised focus on sports law, explains Professor Jens Evald, who is behind the new research group, the Sports Law Research Unit.

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