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2014.11.07 | Meeting

Research dating

The event takes place on Thursday 27 November 2014 at 16:30 to 20:00 in Bartholin’s auditorium (building 1241 room 135) and in building 1241 room 211.

It is older versions of COX-2 inhibitors, which are now linked to increased risk of dying from a stroke.

2014.11.13 | Research

New research: Arthritis medicine linked to deaths

Use of often prescribed drugs against arthritis and pain increases the risk of dying from a stroke. This is the conclusion of a major new registry study involving more than 100,000 patients.

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2014.11.11 | Policy and strategy

Jane Kraglund will be the new university director at Aarhus University

Jane Kraglund, age 54, has been appointed university director at Aarhus University. Kraglund is currently hospital chief executive officer at Odense University Hospital. She will begin her work at Aarhus University on 1 January.

2014.11.11 | Education

Agreement between rectors and the ministry

After several weeks of negotiation, the higher education minister and Universities Denmark (the Danish rectors’ conference) agreed on a new plan for resizing certain university degree programmes yesterday. The reduction of admissions by 3,500 Bachelor students will be maintained. This correspond to a reduction of approximately 2,400 Master’s…

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2014.11.11 | All groups

Connie Hedegaard is the new member of the Aarhus University Board

Connie Hedegaard, outgoing climate action commissioner, is the new external member of the Aarhus University Board. She will be replacing Mariann Fischer Boel, who is stepping down after four years on the board.

2014.11.05 | Conference

The Hands of Time: Multiple Perspectives on Aging

International multidisciplinary two-day conference about aging.

2014.11.04 | Conference

More Than Pretty Pictures - The Aesthetics of Data Representation

This interdisciplinary conference explores visual and aesthetic challenges related to data representation across disciplines and research methods.

2014.11.04 | Seminar

AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Axel Forman

Cyclic pelvic pain: Medico-economic aspects of a neglected women’s disease.

2014.11.04 | Administrative

What do you need?

AU Library wishes to improve its services to researchers at Aarhus University and make sure that the services we offer actually match researchers’ needs.

Bent Honoré is a part of the team of researchers at Aarhus University, who have just received a grant of almost DKK 10 million from the Moller Foundation.

2014.11.13 | People news

Cancer researchers from Aarhus receive substantial funding

A team of researchers at Aarhus University have just received a grant of almost DKK 10 million from the Moller Foundation. The grant will go towards the purchase of advanced equipment for protein examinations of lymphoma.

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