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2015.01.28 | Meeting

XXVIIII Annual Meeting for Danish Society for Neuroscience (DSfN)

“Stem Cells in a Neurotranslational Perspective”

2015.01.28 | Research

Research on Anti-extremism Efforts Draws Visitors from all over the World to AU

Anti-extremism research at Aarhus University is currently receiving a lot of attention from countries around the world. Representatives from several embassies are eager to pay visits to the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences to learn more about the so-called “Aarhus programme”.

2015.01.28 | Conference

The Democratic Public Sphere

How can civic engagement in the public opinion formation of contemporary democratic societies be enhanced? And which institutional innovations are liable to strengthen this line of development and thereby the legitimacy of the political decision-making?

Johan Frederik Berg Arendt
Sansuthan (Sansu) Paramanathan

2015.02.12 | Administrative

New doctors: We're looking forward to what awaits us out there

Sansuthan (Sansu) Paramanathan (26) and Johan Frederik Berg Arendt (29) are both newly qualified medical doctors from Aarhus University. On Friday 30 January 2015 they pledged the Hippocratic oath together with 110 other newly qualified doctors from Aarhus University. We talked to them about their time at AU and what plans they have for the future.

2015.01.26 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Jannik Buus Bertelsen

Cardiac rehabilitation after acute coronary syndrome: effects on attendance and clinical parameters of community-based vs. hospital-based rehabilitation and the influence of mental health.

2015.01.26 | Course

Clinical Epidemiology Summer School in Denmark

Department of Clinical Epidemiology is hosting its second annual summer school. A week-long course titled "Assessing risks and benefits of treatments: methodological issues".

Keisuke Yonehara has been awarded one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants. (Photo: Sandra Ziegler Handschin, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland)
Image at left with black background: In the eye of a transgenic mouse, a single motion-sensitive visual cell in the retina (green) has highlighted the neighbouring visual cells it is in contact with (purple). This was achieved by infecting it with a specially modified virus that can only cross from one neuron to another that it is in contact with (Yonehara et al., Nature, 2011). (Both images: Keisuke Yonehara)

2015.01.26 | Grants and awards

ERC Starting Grant for research into the brain’s visual processing system

Keisuke Yonehara is leader of the Yonehara Group at DANDRITE (the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience), Aarhus University. He has just been awarded an ERC Starting Grant of EUR 1.5 million for research into the visual nerve connections that make it possible to see shape and movement.

The JCD prize has since 2012 been awarded annually by the PhD Association in close collaboration with the Graduate School of Health. Tis yaer Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen receives the price.

2015.01.26 | People news

Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen is the supervisor of the year at Health

The PhD students at Health have named Associate Professor, PhD Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen from the Department of Biomedicine as the year's best supervisor.

2015.01.26 | Grants and awards

Camma Damsted Receives PhD Scholarship

Today, Camma Damsted, MHSc was offered admission to a PhD study from 1/2/2015 to 31/1/2018 with Associate Professor Henrik Sørensen as main supervisor, Post-Doctoral Researcher Rasmus Nielsen and Professor Erik Parner as co-supervisors.

The large Lakeside Lecture Theatre was the setting for the PhD students at Health and their annual celebration. The theatre was already full in the morning. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Communication.

2015.01.28 | People news

PhD students competed for prestigious legacy

The PhD Day warmed up with presentations by PhD students who were all recipients of the Fogh-Nielsens Legacy and the DKK 100,000 that was available. Their performance on the stage determined how much of the grant each of them received.

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