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2015.01.07 | Degree programmes

AU’s IT systems are being maintained Saturday the 31 January

AU's IT systems are continually being updated and maintained, but approximately once every three months all of the maintenance tasks that require the IT systems to be taken out of operation are undertaken. One of these ‘service windows’ will be carried out during Saturday the 31 January. This means that it will not in general be possible to use…

Foto: Lars Kruse, AU.

2015.01.07 | Administrative

The deputy director for IT and Digital Media resigns her position

Deputy Director of IT and Digital Media Christina Breddam has decided to resign from her position at the end of January to take up a position as faculty director at Aalborg University on 1 February 2015.

2015.01.06 | PhD students

Inaugural lecture: Jakob Skou Pedersen

"Genomics: From basic research to clinical uses"

2015.01.06 | Conference

Nordic Neuroscience 2015

The Nordic neuroscience 2015 will take place in Trondheim, Norway on 10-12 June 2015.

2015.01.06 | Conference

International Symposium - Alpha-Synuclein: the Gateway to Parkinsonism

The conference features an internationally renowned faculty of researchers, scientists and clinicians who will present on alpha-synuclein related to Parkinson’s disease and parkinsonism during a three-day event in Innsbruck, Austria.

2015.01.06 | Administrative

Booking of rooms at Health

Booking of classrooms and other rooms now takes place via WebUntis and the central student registry.

Christina Maar Andersen

2015.01.06 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Christina Maar Andersen

The association between attachment and delay in the diagnosis of cancer in primary care.

The National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy came one step closer with the appointment of the supplier of equipment. (Graphics: The New University Hospital (DNU))

2015.01.05 | Administrative

Danish National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy will be cheaper than expected

The National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy came one step closer when Varian Medical Systems today was appointed as the supplier of equipment and services for the centre. The price of equipment and services is a third lower compared to the original budget.

Behind the new technology, which can be performed in most of diagnostic laboratories, is honorary associate professor Tomasz K. Wojdacz and associate professor Lise Lotte Hansen.

2015.01.05 | Research

USA patent protection granted for new technology diagnosing cancer

Aarhus University recently received USA patent protection for a new method holding promise for various applications ranging from predicting risk and early diagnosis of disease to design of personalised treatments for patients.

2015.01.05 | Research

New article published in JOSPT

Jesper Petersen, Henrik Sørensen and Rasmus Nielsen published a new biomechanical-oriented original article entitled: "The Cumulative Loads Increase in the Knee Joint at Slow-Speed Running Compared With Faster Running: A Biomechanical Study"

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