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Postdoc Elisabeth Svensson is behind the first and largest human epidemiological study of the association between Parkinson's disease and the vagus nerve.

2015.06.23 | Research

New knowledge: Parkinson's disease may begin in the gut

A major epidemiological registry-based study from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital indicates that Parkinson's disease begins in the gastrointestinal tract. The study is the largest in the field so far.

2015.06.26 | People news

Researchers from Health receive million-kroner grants from Sapere Aude

Four of the nine researchers from Aarhus University who have received a Sapere Aude Starting Grant in 2015 come from Health. The grants are awarded to a number of Denmark's most visionary and trendsetting researchers.

Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

2015.06.24 | Research

A top researcher and nine research group leaders from AU awarded major grants by the Danish Council for Independent Research

Søren Fournais, a professor of mathematics at Aarhus University, has just received a DFF Advanced Grant of DKK 12 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research Sapere Aude programme. Other grant recipients from AU include nine senior researchers who each received a grant of up to DKK 7 million over a four-year period to kickstart new…

2015.06.22 | Conference

International Biology-Olympiad 2015

Aarhus University is hosting the International Biology Olympiad on 12–19 July 2015. Talented young people from 61 countries all over the world are taking part in the event.

2015.06.22 | Grants and awards

Large grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research

Associate Professor Deirdre Cronin-Fenton from Department of Clinical Epidemiology has received a grant of DKK 1,869,204 from the Danish Council for Independent Research – Medical Sciences. The grant is for the project ”Hypothyroidism and the clinical course of breast cancer”. The researchers want to investigate the incidence of hypothyroidism…

On May 9, three of our own alumni participated in the first ever TEDx in Aarhus. Photo: Greg McQueen/ TEDx
The Multi-disciplinary Specialist, Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit. Rajiv (´11) is the Head of Open Innovation at Aarhus University Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Photo: Greg McQueen/ TEDx
Innovation Pirate, Thomas Nørmark. Thomas (´02) believes that the use of Big Data and Predictive Analytics will allow us to predict the future to an extend that exceeds the limits of most people’s imagination. And he is bringing us an app that can help us figure out our own future.
Marketing Consultant, Saji Nair. Saji (´09) has always dreamed about being a speaker at a TEDx Talk and now she got to host one. Photo: Greg McQueen/ TEDx
TEDx was held at the Navitas building. Photo: Greg McQueen/ TEDx

2015.06.22 | Collaboration

Alumni at TEDx

On May 9, three of our own alumni participated in the first ever TEDx in Aarhus. The team from Aarhus BSS Alumni was there to bring you their inspiring stories.

2015.06.22 | Research

Job opportunity at DANDRITE

- Laborant til forskning i neurobiologi

2015.06.23 | Alumni

Alumnus of the Year at Aarhus BSS 2015: Anders Eldrup

Alumnus of the Year at Aarhus BSS, Anders Eldrup, was ahead of his time and took an interdisciplinary approach to his political science studies. During his career he has helped change the structure of the Ministry of Finance and the management of Dong. He believes that future graduates should be able to navigate in and between both the public and…

2015.06.19 | Alumni

Alumnus of the year at Aarhus BSS 2015: Jørgen Tang-Jensen

Jørgen Tang-Jensen has been named alumnus of the year at Aarhus BSS. He has a lot of great memories from when he was a student, of friendships and hard work, which have shaped the foundation for his long and impressive career. Hard work is necessary if you want to acquire those core competences that you need to succeed, says Jørgen Tang-Jensen.

2015.06.19 | Academic staff

UIC: Introduction to Aarhus Municipality's health visitor offers and mothers' groups

Health Visitor Tove Ebbesen will deal with the question: What can be expected from the public services in Denmark?

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