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2015.06.16 | PhD defense

Defence of doctoral thesis: Niels Nørskov-Lauritsen

Classification, Identification, and Clinical Significance of Haemophilus and Aggregatibacter Species with Host Specificity for Man

2015.06.16 | Health and disease

Inaugural Lecture: Steen Lyager Nielsen

Innovations in Heart Valve Surqery - From Bench to Bedside

2015.06.25 | Administrative

New unit to strengthen collaboration with industry

The new Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer unit will ensure that AU provides more effective service in relation to partnerships with business and industry.

Simon Tilma Vistisen's PhD project was the launchpad for developing a monitoring method which combines existing measurements to predict whether a patient with blood poisoning requires fluids or not.

2015.06.23 | People news

Young researcher receives the Erhoff Foundation's Talent Prize

Simon Tilma Vistisen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital receives the Erhoff Foundation's Talent Prize. The prize is given for his contribution to medical technology and clinical physiology.

2015.06.15 | Conference

Workshop: Space Asteroseismology - The Next Generation

Researchers at Aarhus University are world leaders in the use of asteroseismology to study the stars. The aim of this workshop is to discuss and plan work with data from present and future space missions.

2015.06.17 | Administrative

Small fire in the anatomy building on Wilhelm Meyers Alle

A fire in an ivy plant was the cause of the smoke and sirens that filled the bottom of the University Park during the afternoon of Thursday 11 June. Nobody was hurt.

2015.06.11 | Seminar

Seminar: PD-1 in cancer, implications for immunotherapy

PD-1 is a central placed co-stimulatory factor that plays an important role in keeping our immunological tolerance.

2015.06.11 | PhD defense

PHD-defence: Akiko Shimada

Effects of systemic glutamate on craniofacial pain

2015.06.11 | PhD defense

PHD-defence: Eduardo Vázquez-Garza

Characterization of NK cell subpopulations, in an in-vitro model of HCMV reactivation in immunocompetent healthy donors

2015.06.11 | PhD defense

PHD-defence: Ditte Olsen

SorCS2 og SorLA as regulators of dopaminergic activity: drug targets in neuropsychiatric disorders?

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