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2015.11.19 | Conference

Workshop: Digital Soil Maps for Everyone

Department of Agroecology is hosting the 7th Global Digital Soil Mapping Workshop 2016 - Digital Soil Maps for Everyone, at Aarhus University from 27 June – 1 July 2016.

2015.11.18 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Sara Correia Marques

Doxorubicin response in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

2015.11.18 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Cathrine Carlsen Bach

Perfluorerede stoffer, fertilitet og fostervækst

2015.11.13 | Collaboration

Old Clockworks Never Die

When I speak to managers about why their careers look the way they do, there seems to be two recurrent reasons: coincidences and network. Often these two factors work in unison as someone might have bumped into a former colleague or acquaintance who gave their career a well-needed boost. But does it have to be so coincidental?

Esben Laugesen has shown that the arteries of patients with type 2 diabetes – even including those patients who only have the disease for a short period of time – lose their elasticity and become stiffer than those of healthy people.

2015.12.15 | People news

Award for research into cardiovascular diseases in people with diabetes

Esben Laugesen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital recieves the Danish Diabetes Academy Scientist Award 2015 for his research into why people with diabetes develop cardiovascular diseases more often than others.

2015.11.23 | Research

Danish cannabis is stronger than ever

The concentration of the euphoriant THC in cannabis has tripled in the space of twenty years. The reason may be a systematic processing of the cannabis plants, some of which are being grown in skunk farms in Denmark.

The Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) student association have just presented a research award to researcher and medical doctor Per Kallestrup.

2015.11.20 | People news

Per Kallestrup receives the Medicines for People award

The Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) student association have just presented a research award to researcher and medical doctor Per Kallestrup. He receives the award for his special efforts in putting global health on the agenda.

2015.11.17 | Health and disease

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Elvira Brattico

New professorship at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University.

The research year at Health is both a good recruitment platform for the PhD degree programme and a relevant career platform for the students, says a new report from CESU. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.

2015.11.20 | Talent development

New report: The research year works – but changes could be made

The research year works well for the students and as a basis for a PhD degree programme. But it can perhaps be replaced by an optional semester, if it becomes necessary to change priorities, suggests CESU in a new report which uncovers the benefits that the students themselves get from taking a research year at Health.

2015.11.16 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Veerle Paternoster

The importance of BRD1 in epigenetic regulation of gene expression in brain

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