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When people synchronise their movements together, for example by walking in time, clapping or making music, they seem to like each other more and report feeling greater affiliation with each other, professor Peter Vuust explains. Photo: Thomas Knoop

2016.12.08 | Research

Oxytocin improves synchronisation in leader-follower interaction

A new study from Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) shows that participants receiving oxytocin – a hormone known to promote social bonding – are more synchronized when finger-tapping together, than participants receiving placebo.

There are 1,436 kilometres from Denmark's second-largest city to Austria’s. The city of Graz is home to four universities, as well as an old town which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
The PhD programme at Health has entered into an agreement on a PHD partnership with one of these universities – The Medical University of Graz.

2016.12.14 | Talent development

Health lands a PhD degree partnership agreement

A contract for a PhD degree partnership between Health and the Austrian university, Medical University of Graz, has just been signed. The agreement provides PhD students with a diploma from both institutions if they have had a research stay of at least one year at either the university in Graz or Aarhus.

2016.12.08 | Meeting

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs helds Information Meeting

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites potential applicants for research collaboration project grants to information meeting in Aarhus. Registration deadline: 12 December 2016

Teaching and programme management should gain greater recognition at Health.

2016.12.15 | Education

Teaching needs a boost up the career ladder

With a policy for recognition of educational tasks, the faculty management team at Health will work to ensure that teaching and programme management gain greater recognition.

2016.12.07 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Sâmia Joca

The cannabinoid signalling system in mental health disorders: new avenues to improved therapeutics

2016.12.07 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Lars Rejnmark

The vitamin D-parathyroid axis in health and diseases

2016.12.07 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Charlotte Ulrikka Rask

When my child is sick - and the doctor has no idea why. Functional disorders in children and adolescent - new pathways?

2016.12.07 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Niels Jessen

Clinical Pharmacology in an era of precision medicine - going ahead or astray?

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2016.12.09 | Administrative

As of 1 januar 2017, you will receive mails from HR in your e-Boks

As of 1 January 2017, mail from HR regarding your employment at AU will be sent to your e-Boks.

2016.12.06 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Lise Høj Thomsen

Investigation of the inflammation-fibrosis axis in diabetic nephropathy

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