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2016.12.06 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Eva Natalia Glassou

Total hip and knee arthroplasty - studies on prognostic factors for readmission, reoperation and mortality

Researchers are close to finding the mechanisms in the brain that contribute to tissue damage.

2016.12.06 | Research

Researchers find the incident commander in the brain's defence system

Researchers from Aarhus University have come closer to answering the question of how the brain defends itself against viral infections. In the long term, the discovery may turn out to be very important for the treatment of diseases of the brain in which the immune system is involved.

2016.12.06 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Anders Grejs

Prolonged Targeted Temperature Management - Methods and Myocardial Injury

2016.12.06 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Marianne Eg

Significant factors for achieving sustained weight loss in adolescents participating in a weight-loss programme

Henrik Toft Sørensen

2016.12.14 | People news

AU professor reappointed as board member of DFF

Henrik Toft Sørensen is staying on for another term on the board of directors of the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF).

2016.12.15 | Collaboration

Opinion: Health data is the way to better treatment

Health data is more important than ever for the development of personal medicine. We urge politicians to safeguard researchers' access to Danish health data.

2016.12.05 | Course

Lean Launch Pad - From idea to business

Bringing any idea to market needs a business model. If you are planning to start a company, find out if your idea has the potential to be commercialized and what hypothesis needs to be tested to do so. 5 workshops.

2016.12.05 | PhD students

Who you gonna call? Interview training

Are you considering to collaborate with companies, do user-research or find new partners. But how do you start reaching out and who do you call first to support your collaboration plan, business model or a start-up idea?

2016.12.05 | PhD students

Business model training

We will introduce you to the Business Model Canvas concept and explain why you should do hypothesis testing. If after this workshop you want to test your business idea then join Lean Launchpad – From idea to business.

2016.12.05 | PhD students

Collaboration Planning Workshop

During the event you will be introduced to the "Collaboration Planner" guide, which enables PhDs and Postdocs to communicate successfully with industry and to highlight the value of collaborative work.

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