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[Translate to English:] Førende forskere i lymfekræft sætter hinanden stævne ved ny konference i Aarhus.

2016.05.23 | Research

Leading researchers in the field of lymphoma meeting in Aarhus

Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital are hosting the first conference on tumour microenvironment, taking place in Aarhus on 19-20 May 2016. Researchers from all over the world will meet to share and discuss their knowledge and experiences, particularly in the field of lymphoma.

2016.05.18 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Sara Gaur

Diagnosis of lesion-specific ischemia by coronary computed tomography angiography: Plaque assessment and non-invasive fractional flow reserve (FFRct)

Management encourages all to uninstall Quicktime.

2016.05.18 | Administrative

Uninstall Quicktime from your Windows PC

All AU staff and students, who have Windows computers with the free software Quicktime installed, are encouraged to uninstall this software as quickly as possible for security reasons. Please contact IT support if you need help.

2016.05.18 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Anne Mette Falstie-Jensen

Hospital accreditation – what’s in it for the patients?

2016.05.18 | PhD defense

PhD defense: June Anita Ejlersen

The diagnostic value of 2D strain adenosine stress echocardiography in chest pain patients suspected of coronary artery disease

2016.05.18 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Ramkumar Menon

Aging starts early, in Utero: A Signal for Human Parturition

Ida Vogels project: “Prenatal Diagnosis in Denmark – Diagnosis, Counselling and Results” project will develop new screening and diagnostic studies of serious diseases in foetuses. Photo: Jesper Ludvigsen.

2016.06.08 | People news

Researcher receives millions for prenatal diagnosis

Ida Vogel from AU and AUH has just received a grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The money will go towards developing and applying new methods of showing serious diseases in foetuses.

Jakob Christensen speaking at the Fellowship Award Celebration 2016. On 3 June he will defend his doctoral dissertation. The dissertation is the culmination of several years spent studying incidences, causes and consequences of epilepsy. Photo: Jesper Ludvigsen

2016.06.07 | People news

AU associate professor to defend his higher doctoral dissertation on epilepsy

On 3 June, Jakob Christensen will defend his doctoral dissertation. The dissertation is the culmination of several years spent studying incidences, causes and consequences of epilepsy.

2016.05.13 | Research

40 million Danish kroner for protein research

Researchers from Aarhus University participate in a new national project to ensure that protein researchers will have access to the latest advanced equipment. The goal is to maintain Denmark’s leading position in protein research and to strengthen infrastructure and technological development.

2016.05.13 | Policy and strategy

The univeresity director's blog: There has to be room for development

Can we develop the administration during a period of difficult financial conditions? This is one of the questions university director Arnold Boon discussed with the administration’s managers at a meeting last week.

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