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2016.03.29 | Administrative

Psychological WPA: The survey is closed

75 per cent of Aarhus University’s employees have completed the psychological WPA questionnaire. The results will be published on 19 May, after which the local follow-up processes will begin.

2016.03.29 | Events

Annual Meeting of the Danish Neurological Society (DNS)

The Annual Meeting of DNS will take place at Hotel Munkebjerg in Vejle 1-2 March 2016.

Katherine Gill

2016.03.29 | Research

DANDRITE Topical Seminar

"Modelling glaucoma with pluripotent stem cells" by Katherine Gill

Simon Glerup and his colleagues have found out that mutations in the sortilin genes can lead to an increased risk of ADHD in particular. They have now received DKK 9.1 million towards basic research in the area.

2016.04.12 | Grants and awards

DKK 9.1 million given to Aarhus-based research into neuronal circuits

A research team from Aarhus University has just received a substantial grant from the Lundbeck Foundation. The money will go toward basic research into how nerve cell connections are formed. This can lead to new and better treatment and diagnosis of mental disorders including ADHD.

On 1 April 1916, “prosector” (as a medical doctor who carried out autopsies was known in those days) Frederik Gregersen took up the position of consultant at the newly opened Department of Histopathology at Aarhus Municipal Hospital.

2016.04.13 | Collaboration

A centurion with an important social task

The state-appointed forensic pathologist in Jutland, better known as the Department of Forensic Medicine at Aarhus University, can celebrate its centenary on 1 April.

2016.03.29 | People news

Sten Rasmussen On National TV in Denmark

On march 29th 2016, Sten Rasmussen from Aalborg University Hospital represented RUNSAFE in a mass-media exposure on Danish national television (DR – Sundhedsmagasinet).

2016.03.28 | Research

RUNmama Launched

RUNmama is at new running project for mothers who have given birth to their youngest child in the period 2011-04-01 to 2015-04-01.

2016.04.18 | Collaboration

Debate: Poor teeth are a serious matter

Health and oral and dental disease are of crucial importance for the rest of the body. There is increasing international focus on this. But in Denmark, dental diseases remain underprioritised in the healthcare sector.

The Romanian Athenaeum

2016.03.22 | Events

NEURODIAB 2016 - Bucharest, Romania - 9-12 September 2016

The 26th Annual Meeting of the Diabetic Neuropathy Study Group of the EASD is open for registration!

Aarhus University has been ranked among the world’s 100 best universities in thirteen out of 42 subjects in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject.

2016.03.22 | Research

Latest world university ranking list places Aarhus University in worldwide elite

On the new QS World University Ranking, Aarhus University is ranked in the top 100 in thirteen subjects – and in the top 50 in three of these.

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