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2016.10.20 | Administrative

Organisational changes at AU IT

AU IT has adjusted its organisation to better handle the demands and challenges associated with AU’s increased focus on digitisation.

2016.11.18 | Research

Aarhus Walks on Water

Vogue it up and get ready for a spectacular performance and fashion show when fashion and new technologies combine to walk on water from Aarhus into the world. The Aarhus Canal, Dokk1 and the Aarhus Harbour set the scene for Aarhus Walks on Water with digital facade projections, interactive e-textiles and sonic spaces.

2016.10.11 | Research

Aarhus University's agricultural research among the world's top ten

Agricultural sciences rank Aarhus University tenth best on the global list of 297 universities.

2016.10.12 | Administrative

How to handle reimbursement

In some situations, expenses incurred by an employee are reimbursed by another institution than AU. Find out here how to handle these kinds of reimbursements.

2016.10.10 | Academic staff

Inaugural lecture: Thorkild I.A. Sørensen

Obesity enigmas: Challenges in understanding its causes and consequences

2016.10.10 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Nina Jensen

The Slc20a2-KO mouse — a new tool for investigation of primary familial brain calcification

2016.10.10 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Johan Frederik Håkonsen Arendt

Clinical implications and biochemical understanding of high plasma vitamin B12 levels

2016.10.10 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Alexander Juhl Andersen

Plastic surgical reconstructive procedures after treatment for breast cancer: Studies on outcome and quality of life after autologous fat grafting and breast reconstruction

2016.10.17 | Conference

AIAS Symposium: Human Biology of Migration

The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) is proud to host the 2016 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Human Biology (SSHB). This year we look forward to welcoming an interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners to discuss the effects of migration on human health, behaviour and well-being.

Early detection leads to better opportunities for curing cancer sufferers.

2016.10.21 | Research

The risk of cancer can be detected at an early stage in HIV patients' blood samples

In a new study, researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have discovered that lymphoma can already be traced in blood samples from HIV patients before the cancer develops. The discovery makes it possible to identify the HIV patients who are at risk at an early stage, and thus improve their chances of being cured of cancer.

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