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2017.04.25 | Administrative

Newsletter 73, April 2017

Dear All Please find latest news:

2017.04.24 | PhD defense

PhD defense: Thorbjørn Søndergaard Engedal

CFIN researcher, MD Thorbjørn Søndergaard Engedal is defending his PhD thesis on: "Capillary Transit Time Heterogeneity in Acute and Chronic Neurovascular Disease"

2017.04.24 | Administrative

The budget surplus in the 2016 financial statements will not result in a change of course for the administration

"When the 200 million kroner budget surplus in AU’s 2016 financial statement was announced earlier this month, many of you probably wondered why we have been asked to make cost reductions in the administration and elsewhere at the university in recent years? In this month’s blog, I would like to provide a more detailed interpretation of the…

2017.04.22 | Research

Mass media exposure in Denmark

Running injuries were massively debated on DR

Dinesh Neupane, PhD student at public health, is the recipient of this year’s Hans Ibsen’s Hypertension Prize. Photo: AU

2017.04.27 | Grants and awards

PhD student from public health receives the Hans Ibsen’s Hypertension Prize

PhD student Dinesh Neupane has been awarded the Hans Ibsen’s Hypertension Prize 2017 for his extensive scientific work on primary prevention of high blood pressure.

2017.04.26 | Events

We look forward to working with you, Lars Bo

"As the former yo-yo champion of the town of Frederikssund, you’re obviously well-prepared for the job. Because things can go up and down here”. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen and 200 employees welcomed the new Dean of the Faculty of Health, Lars Bo Nielsen, to Aarhus University on Wednesday 19 April.

2017.04.20 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Michael Aagaard Andersen

Athophysiological interplay between leucine-rich-repeat-kinase-2 and α-synuclein in the mechanisms leading to neuronal dysfunction and neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.

2017.04.20 | PhD defense

PhD-student: Maria Hønholt Christensen

Studies on activation and evasion of intracellular pattern recognition receptors by herpesviruses

2017.04.20 | Event

Inaugural lecture: Sândor Beniczky

Automatic detection of epileptic seizures

Stud.med. Line Dam Heftdal. Photo: AU Foto.

2017.04.26 | People news

Research stay for medical student

The Lundbeck Foundation has awarded medical student Line Dam Heftdal from Aarhus University a fully financed research stay at either Stanford University or the University of Southern California.

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