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2017.06.13 | Administrative

Well on the way towards a smarter, more digital studies administration

"Digitisation offers enormous potential for education at Aarhus University. If used intelligently, digitisation can help us improve the administrative service we provide to the university’s 40,000+ students and their teachers. And by investing in educational IT, we will can both improve quality and increase student engagement. In this month’s…

PhD-student Torbjørn Brøgger. Photo: Private photo.

2017.06.13 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Torbjørn Brøgger

Placental vascular physiology and regulation

PhD-student Anne Højland.

2017.06.13 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Anne Højland

SorLA Trafficking in Polarized Cells and Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on SorLA Deficient mice

2017.06.14 | Policy and strategy

Aarhus University launches ambitious digital initiative

Over the coming years, Aarhus University will realise an ambitious multi-phase digitisation initiative which will help prepare researchers, students and the labour force for the digital transition of the future. On 9 June, the board approved the plans for the four action areas of the initiative and to the launch of the first action area in autumn…

Photo: Poul Ib Henriksen

2017.06.15 | Administrative

Ten principles for the university campus of tomorrow

The senior management team at Aarhus University has formulated a set of principles for Campus 2.0 – the university of the future. The principles were approved at the Aarhus University Board seminar last week.

2017.06.14 | Policy and strategy

AU to intensify IT research and education to meet society’s demand for digitisation specialists

Aarhus University is initiating a six-year effort to strengthen education and research within computer science, IT and data science to meet society’s future demand for digitisation specialists. The number of students on these programmes will be doubled and the research activities and staffing of these programmes will be expanded. This effort…

Deadline for registration via the website for all courses is 4 September 2017.

2017.06.15 | Education

Three new communication courses for PhD students

Health is now offering three new communication courses aimed at PhD students. The courses will teach the PhD students to communicate their research to a wider audience. All three courses will be held in September, and registration opens now.

New members have been chosen for the departmental forums. Find the list of members in the article below.

2017.06.15 | Administrative

Elections to the departmental forums: See the results here

Elections were held in May to the departmental forums at Health's five departments. The results of the election are now complete, and the newly elected members will take up their seats on the respective forums on 1 July 2017.

Aarhus University has been granted a conditional positive institutional accreditation. Photo: Lars Kruse.

2017.06.12 | Education

Aarhus University receives a conditional positive accreditation

The Accreditation Council has decided to grant AU a conditional positive institutional accreditation on the recommendation of the accreditation panel. The pro-rector will work to reapply as quickly as possible.

Professor, Consultant, DMSc Eigil Kjeldsen. Photo: Pia Crone.

2017.06.15 | People news

AU gets a new Doctor of Medical Science

Eigil Kjeldsen, professor of cancer cytogenetics at Aarhus University and consultant at Aarhus University Hospital, has just been awarded a higher doctoral degree in medicine.

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