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The DKK 38 million grant will help consolidate AIAS. The EU funds will finance up to half of the international fellowship programme over the next five years. Photo: Lise Balsby

2017.05.16 | Grants and awards

AIAS awarded record-breaking EU grant

The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies has been awarded an EU grant of DKK 38 million. This is the second time AIAS has brought a major EU grant home to AU. The grant supports non-targeted research, and will help AU continue to attract the world’s best researchers.

This is the second time AIAS has won a  major grant for basic research under the Horizon 2020 pillar for Excellent Research. Photo: Lise Balsby

2017.05.16 | Grants and awards

Record-breaking EU grant to support basic research at Aarhus University

The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies at Aarhus University has been awarded an EU grant of DKK 38 million. This is the second time AIAS has brought a major EU grant home to Aarhus University. The grant is for non-targeted research, and will help the university continue to attract the world’s best researchers.

Lars Bo Nielsen feels provoked by the debate about quality rather than quantity because, as he says: What kind of management wants to hype researchers who publish a lot, when what they publish is of low quality? Conversely, it is also pointless to believe that Health can ignore a reality where doing research simply 'is' publishing.

2017.05.18 | Research

Stop the publication rat race and improve quality

Health has the important task of improving the quality of research at a time when leading journals are being criticised for publishing research results that cannot be reproduced. Dean Lars Bo Nielsen challenges conventional thinking in the form of the PhD's three ritual articles – and reminds us that no researcher is an island.

[Translate to English:] Healths økonomiafdeling vil med den nye model for afrapportering kunne bruge ressourcerne bedre og mere effektivt ved at øge fokus på de bevillinger, der har størst økonomisk indflydelse på fakultetet.

2017.05.18 | Administrative

New model for research project reporting

In future, the size of the research project will determine how often financial reports must be sent to the person responsible for an externally financed research project.

The new vision aims to ensure that the coming medical doctors have competences that meet future requirements. Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University

2017.05.18 | Education

Vision for the medical degree programme ready for feedback

During the last few months, medical students, lecturers and future employers have been asked for their views on the content of the medical degree programme of the future. The many suggestions have now been combined in a draft vision and strategy which has been sent for feedback from stakeholders.

2017.05.16 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Randi Maria Hanghøj Tei

Systematic Investigation of Osteoporosis in Patients suffering Fragility Fractures

In future, it will be possible to match health science graduates and PhD projects in a new way at Health, if a proposal from the graduate school is implemented. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.

2017.05.18 | Talent development

PhD boost in sight: Greater competition and more influence

The faculty management team has adopted a proposal for a new model for how PhD projects and candidates are matched when an annual total of 30 full PhD scholarships are awarded at Health. The proposal gives the departments greater influence on the projects and operates with open, international calls for applicants. The model will now be sent for…

2017.05.15 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Kristian Løkke Funck

Arterial stiffness and complication risk in type 2 diabetes

2017.05.15 | Event

Inaugural lecture: Trine Hyrup Mogensen

The genetic and immunological basis for primary immunodeficiencies and severe infectious diseases?

2017.05.15 | Research

Three large grants from the Danish Cancer Society

Three researchers from Department of Clinical Epidemiology have received a grant from the Danish Cancer Society. Senior researcher Ellen Mikkelsen, MPH, PhD, received a grant of DKK 1.5 for the project “The impact of cervix dysplasia, surgical treatment and HPV vaccination on reduced fertility”. The project will be based on data from…

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