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2017.05.15 | Administrative

Tjek&Go: The new employee registration system Medarbejderstamkort will be available soon

The new employee registration system Medarbejderstamkort will be launched on 30 May 2017. After 30 May, Medarbejderstamkort will be used in connection with all appointments, extensions, transfers and resignations.

2017.05.13 | Research

Knowlegde-sharing in ”Dansk Sportsmedicin”-journal

RUNSAFE contributes with three non-peer reviewed articles (in Danish) in the May-issue of Dansk Sportsmedicin.

Photo: Colourbox.dk

2017.05.15 | Administrative

The ransomware worm WanaCrypt0r is in circulation

During the last couple of days, the healthcare sector, for example, has experienced large-scale ransomware attacks as mentioned on the news. We therefore urge staff and students to exercise extra caution before opening files and links.

2017.05.18 | Grants and awards

Thirteen researchers from Health receive a total of DKK 34 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research

The grants provide the researchers with the chance to pursue original ideas ranging from research into the micro-environment of the intestine to an understanding of the body's circulatory system.

2017.05.11 | PhD defense

PhD-student: Chalotte Willemann Stecher

The Mali Schistosomiasis Morbidity Study - MaSchisMo

2017.05.11 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Steffen Leth

Characterizing viral dynamics during mono- and combinatorial interventions aimed at diminishing the latent HIV-1 reservoir in vivo

2017.05.10 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Monica Milter Ehlers

Older community-dwelling adults with hip fracture, relatives and multidisciplinary hospital-based and municipal rehabilitation teams - Perspectives on post-discharge rehabilitation

2017.05.10 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Pia Kjær Kristensen

Hip fracture in Denmark: Quality of in-hospital care and clinical outcomes

PhD-student: Nikolaj Raaber.

2017.05.09 | PhD defense

PhD-defence: Nikolaj Raaber

Applications of telemedicine in emergency patient care - from emergency call to emergency department

Associate professor Annemarie Brüel. Photo: AU Photo.

2017.05.09 | Event

Inaugural lecture: Annemarie Brüel

Bones - dead or alive?

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