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2017.11.10 | Research

KnækCancer funds to ensure early diagnosis of cancer

10 million DKK from KnækCancer in 2017 are devoted to investigate and develop effective methods for detecting cancer at an early stage. CaP was granted 2 million DKK to develop research project regarding yes-no investigations to ensure early diagnosis in general practice (in Danish).

For the next four years, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital can enjoy Paul F. Austin’s expertise within paediatric urology.

2017.11.14 | People news

American specialist in paediatric urology affiliated with AU and AUH

For the next four years, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital can enjoy Paul F. Austin’s expertise within paediatric urology. He has just been appointed honorary professor at the Department of Urology.

2017.11.09 | Research

The end of ‘Pump Fiction’

Our cells are capable of moving energy and material around to the places where they are required, and ensuring that the body works properly. But how do the cells do this in real time from the perspective of the individual molecule? A Danish research team has succeeded in revealing basic insights into this previously unknown world by carrying out…

The faculty management team view the Integrated PhD scheme as a good alternative to the research year. Students can both immerse themselves in research during the Master’s degree programme and begin a PhD programme quicker. At the same time, Health can avoid a study progress reform fine because the Integrated PhD does not count towards study progress. Photo: Lars Kruse

2017.11.14 | Research

More Integrated PhDs will improve study progress

Even though Health will avoid a study progress reform fine in 2017, the research year at medicine still poses challenges for the faculty’s financial situation. For this reason, the number of research year students will in future be linked to the students' study progress. At the same time, the faculty management team also wishes to see more…

2017.11.08 | Conference

Autobiographical Memory and the Self

The conference examines the relation between autobiographical memory and the self from a variety of perspectives, including philosophical, neural, developmental, social, cultural and clinical perspectives.

2017.11.07 | Research

Women on the research team ensure more nuanced medical research

Research team from Aarhus BSS and Stanford University demonstrates a relationship between gender diversity in the author group and the attention devoted to gender and sex analysis in medical research. This can be a matter of life and death and have a major financial impact.

2017.11.10 | Public/Media

Debate: Researchers do not have a patent on the absolute truth either

We must be better at explaining the conditions of science to counter the postmodern blockage of facts.

Even though vascular dementia 'only' accounts for around a fifth of the total number of dementia cases, it will still come to affect many people, because the frequency of dementia is increasing. As opposed to most other dementia subtypes, vascular dementia is likely preventable, Jens Sundbøll says.

2017.11.10 | Research

Increased risk of vascular dementia in heart attack survivors

It is well known that vascular dementia is triggered by factors such as stroke, but an extensive study from Aarhus University now shows that heart attack also is associated with increased risk – by 35 per cent, in fact. According to Jens Sundbøll, who is behind the study, this can be an argument for more intensive preventive efforts.

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim presented the scholarships to Thea Vestergaard (right) and Sofie Eg Jørgensen at Sølyst in Klampenborg on 1 November 2017. Also seen in the photo is Professor Kim Fleischer Michaelsen from the University of Copenhagen, who received a prize of honour established under the same scholarship. Photo: Søren Brissing.

2017.11.09 | People news

Two researchers from Health receive royal anniversary scholarships

Thea Vestergaard and Sofie Eg Jørgensen from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have just received the King Christian IX and Queen Louise Anniversary Scholarship and DKK 50,000 and DKK 75,000 respectively to support their research projects.

2017.11.07 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Jenny Bertholet

Image based monitoring of liver tumor motion in stereotactic body radiation therapy

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