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Ole Steen Nielsen is coordinating the process of incorporating the senior management team’s norms locally at Health on behalf of the dean’s office. He can understand why the issue of women in professorships pops up at the meetings. Neither does he reject the idea that more work needs to be done on some of the wordings.

2018.05.03 | Research

What became of the wish for more female professors?

Consider altering the tone of the new criteria for the recruitment of professors to make it clear that Health wishes to see more women in professorships. This was one suggestion from the employees who participated in the faculty's consultation meetings on new principles for the appointment of academic staff.

2018.04.23 | Policy and strategy

Health gets its first subject specific advisory board

A cardiovascular research campus is the first step in a focused effort towards strong research-related positions at Health. A council led by three professors from across the departments will advise the faculty management team on strategic and professional developments within the field.

2018.04.23 | Event

General meeting about the plans for AU’s physical development

Aarhus University’s senior management team invites all students and employees to a general meeting in the Great Hall on 2 May from 10:00-11:30. The senior management team will present the visions for the university’s physical development which have been approved by the board.

Photo: Maria Randima

2018.04.24 | Administrative

The DHL Relay Race – a cosy evening with your colleagues

Registration deadline for this year’s DHL Relay Race is 4 May. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen hopes that many employees will take this opportunity to meet in the beautiful, green surroundings for a run or walk and some pleasant time together afterwards.

Dean Lars Bo Nielsen gave a speech at the March for Science event in Aarhus on the 22nd of April 2018.

2018.04.20 | Events

"Researchers must engage in a dialogue with the outside world"

Read the speech by Dean Lars Bo Nielsen at the March for Science event in Aarhus on 22 April 2018.

A team of researchers from Aarhus University has now moved a step closer to understanding how the early symptoms occur – and possibly also how they can be checked.

2018.04.23 | Research

Promising cell study provides hope of effective treatment of Parkinson’s disease

There is a significant decrease in the level of calcium when nerve cells are affected by Parkinson's disease. If the calcium level is kept stable, severe symptoms in Parkinson's patients may be prevented. This is shown by a recent laboratory study from Aarhus University.

2018.04.19 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Stefanie Luecke

Recognition of intracellular nucleic acids by the innate immune system

Photo: Lars Kruse

2018.04.18 | Administrative

The OK18 labour dispute has been postponed again

On the night of 17 April, the official conciliator decided to postpone the strike and lockout for up to two weeks. Aarhus University is still watching developments closely and is carefully considering how the situation may affect teaching and exams.

2018.04.19 | Event

Project Day at Department of Biomedicine

Are you a student at Health or Science and Technology, and are you in need of a research project?

2018.04.18 | Seminar

Horror, Fright and Joy: Monsters and the Uncanny in and around Children’s Literature and Media

Research seminar: What are the forms and functions of children’s scary entertainment? What is the role of monsters in young adults’ stories? Join us for a one-day research seminar on monsters and the uncanny in and around children’s literature and media. Everyone is welcome; no registration required

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