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The drinking water standard for nitrate in drinking water in Denmark is determined based on recommendations issued by the WHO. The research suggests that the drinking water standard should be reconsidered. Photo: Colourbox

2018.02.13 | Research

Nitrate in drinking water increases the risk of colorectal cancer

A new study from Aarhus University now shows that there is an increased risk of colon and rectal cancer in connection with nitrate in drinking water. Also at concentrations far below the current drinking water standard. The highest nitrate concentrations are mainly seen in small private water supplies.

2018.02.13 | Seminar

Dissertation seminar

Sune Borkfelt will discuss his dissertation-in-progress ‘Reading Slaughter: Concealment, Empathy and the Fictional Abattoir’, with two visiting experts in the field of critical animal studies: Prof. Susan McHugh (University of New England) and Prof. Michael Lundblad (University of Oslo).

2018.02.13 | Conference


The EGPROC conference brings together researchers interested in process tracing methods and theory in Judgement and Decision Making.

2018.02.13 | Event

Vartovs Videnskab - Memory

Why do you remember certain things? Why do some people remember the same things? Who are you if you cannot remember anything? And it it even possible to suffer from a too good memory? Join Professor Anders Nykjær and Professor Albert Gjedde for an interesting talk on memory in collaboration with Vartovs Videnskab.

2018.02.13 | Event

NSAS course in Venice

Are you interested in participating in a NSAS course on "Cell-Reprogramming Technology in Neuroscience: Circuit Function, Regeneration and Repair"? The event is held in a fabulous venue in Venice, Italy.

Photo: Lars Kruse

2018.02.12 | Administrative

AU mails will no longer be forwarded

As of 1 March 2018, you will no longer be able to forward mails from your AU mailbox to your private email address. This change is due to requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation.

2018.02.12 | PhD defense

PhD student: Andreas Fløe Hvass

Exploring diagnostic opportunities in active and latent TB: Stratifying transmission risk using PCR, and identification of immunogenic CD8+ T-cell epitopes

2018.02.12 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Mads Svart

Aspects of ketone body metabolism; studiesin type 1 diabetes patients and healthy subjects

2018.02.20 | Administrative

Common norms for the recruitment of permanent members of academic staff at AU

Since autumn 2017, we have been engaged in a university-wide process of formulating norms for the recruitment of permanent members of academic staff. The senior management team has just approved seven norms which are the result of productive discussions in the academic councils and a number of consultations with the research and teaching…

Photo: Colourbox

2018.02.13 | Administrative

Please note the new parking restrictions at AU in Aarhus

New parking restrictions came into effect on the campus in Aarhus from 1 February 2018. Among other things, the new rules mean that a number of parking spaces will now be reserved for employees of the university. It is therefore important to find out about alternative parking.

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