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PhD student Elias Sundelin.

2018.03.19 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Elias Sundelin

Evaluation of Metformin Biodistribution using 11C-Metformin PET/CT

Photo: Lars Kruse

2018.03.14 | Administrative

All lockout notices are now listed on AU’s FAQ page on OK18

All lockout notices from the Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration applicable to AU employees are now listed on the AU staff services FAQ page.

PhD student Gitte Brinch Andersen.

2018.03.19 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Gitte Brinch Andersen

DNA methylation and miRNA expression changes are key players in osteosarcoma tumorigenesis

PhD student Tove Lise Nielsen.

2018.03.19 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Tove Lise Nielsen

Home-based occupational therapy for community-dwelling older adults: A study of effect and participants' perspective

PhD student Anna Sundby.

2018.03.19 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Anna Sundby

The voice of potential stakeholders in psychiatric genomic research

[Translate to English:] Adjunkt Mathias Wullum Nielsen og teamet bag projektet Gender and Networks in Early-career Academic Advancements. Photo: The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy. Photo: AU, Kommunikation & Presse

2018.03.20 | Research

New projects to address the issue of gender bias at AU

Five research-driven projects are to address issues of gender bias in research at AU. These are part of AU’s action plan for women in research from 2016.

2018.03.16 | Research

AIAS Fellow part of Expert Group behind EU Report on Fake News

AIAS Fellows Anja Bechmann is part of the High Level Expert Group on fake news and online disinformation appointed by the European Commission. This week the Group present the outcome in the report ‘A multi-dimensional approach to disinformation Report of the independent High level Group on fake news and online disinformation’.

2018.03.15 | Education

Teacher training course with international focus

AU’s compulsory teacher training course for assistant professors is now offered in a new format. From now on, there will be joint courses for Danish and international assistant professors in the autumn, and EDU IT will be a much more integrated part of the course. The aim is to strengthen the integration between young researchers across…

2018.03.15 | Event

Research year defence

Stine Bakkesen Bruun

2018.03.15 | Event


Inaugural lecture: Jepser Grau Eriksen

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