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The more fat, the greater the probability of developing depression, is the mail conclusion in a new study, which  is yet another argument for resolving the obesity epidemic. Photo: Colourbox.
It is the psychological consequences of being overweight or obese which lead to the increased risk of depression, and not the direct biological effect of the fat, professor Søren Østergaard says. Photo: Melissa B. Kirkeby Yildirim.

2019.08.23 | Research

Excess body fat increases the risk of depression

A new study from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital shows that ten kilograms of extra body fat increases the risk of depression by seventeen per cent.

2019.08.22 | People news

Melina Hien is a new ERASMUS intern in Nykjaer Lab

Melina Hien started as an ERASMUS intern in Anders Nykjaer Lab on 19 August 2019. She is studying Biology, with the specialisation Neurobiology, at the TU in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In the course of her master programme she, will stay as an intern at Nykjaer group for four months to investigate phosphorylation events on SorCS1B and Sorl1.

2019.08.22 | Seminar

PROMEMO Topical Seminar by Lilian Kisiswa

Deciphering proteins involved in neuronal survival and the growth of neurites in developing nervous system - Topical seminar by Lilian Kisiswa.

2019.08.23 | Administrative

IOOS' new secretariat manager wants to inspire and motivate

On August 1st, Jan Ulrik Rasmussen (age 37) assumed the position of secretariat manager at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health IOOS and says that he already feels at home. Read more about the new secretariat manager, who believes that humor is an essential element in everyday life.

2019.08.21 | Course

Use your research based assets in alternative settings

In this workshop, you will work with a tool to create new ideas for application, and you will be introduced to a process of mapping competition and identifying your unique differentiators.

2019.08.21 | Course

Create impact from your research

In this workshop, we will through the “Value in research Canvas” and different exercises work with how you can put your research into play.

2019.08.21 | Course

Collaboration Planning: How to identify and contact important stakeholders

How do you establish collaborations and approach companies with your research ideas? Turn your research into impact and learn how to build relationships and plan projects in this hands-on workshop.

2019.08.21 | Meeting

Open "lab": Drop in and let us help you

Line from Science from Society will be helping you with your specific questions about e.g. your business model, add-ons to make the perfect pitch, or how you can work with impact when describing your research in e.g. grant applications.

2019.08.21 | Course

A good pitch is everything

Doing a convincing pitch is not as easy as it seems. After this workshop, you will have tools to prepare the perfect pitch for a broad range of professionals.

2019.08.21 | Course

How do I navigate uncertainty?

In this workshop, you will be taken through a gamified process miming the challenges and obstacles involved in working with external stakeholders, applying your research or creating a spinout based on your research.

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