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2019.08.13 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Martin Langeskov Christensen

Effects of aerobic exercise on brain health in people with multiple sclerosis.

2019.08.13 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Rasmus Fuglsang Nielsen

Long-term effects of whey protein and dietary fiber from wheat on markers of metabolic risk and bone health in subjects with abdominal obesity.

2019.08.13 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Martin Lund

Activation and alleviation of cellular stress responses in fatty acid oxidation disorders.

2019.08.13 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Mads Riiskjær

Laparoscopic bowel resection for rectosigmoid endometriosis: short-term complications and long-term effects.

2019.08.15 | Administrative

Apply for funding for your competency development from the national competency fund

From 4 September, you can apply for funding for your individual competency development from the national competency fund (Den Statslige Kompetencefond).

2019.08.09 | Research

Smuggling route for cells protects DNA from parasites

An international research team has now uncovered new insight into how safety mechanisms keep genetic parasites in check so that they do not damage the genome. In the long term, the results can help to understand and remedy some of the genetic problems in humans, such as low fertility.

2019.08.09 | Research

Apply for AUFF Nova grants 2019

Aarhus University Research Foundation has just announced the calls for AUFF Nova 2019.

Three weeks with the arm in a sling so that the shoulder is kept inactive yields gives the same results as a operation, says professor of orthopaedic rehabilitation Inger Mechlenburg from AU and AUH.

2019.08.09 | Research

Conservative treatment with a sling can replace surgery for shoulder fractures

An arm in a sling cures a shoulder fracture just as well as an operation with plates and screws. This is shown by a comprehensive study from Aarhus University which forms part of a Nordic research collaboration.

The guidelines apply to all types of social media including Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They also cover blogs and websites. Photo: Colourbox

2019.08.09 | Administrative

New social media rules for students at Health

Students at Health should think twice before sharing photos of their clinical training, clerkships or work placement projects on their own social media accounts. Because many rules need to be taken into account when dealing with patients or citizens. New guidelines make clear what is okay – and what is not.

Newly qualified Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) Johan Heiberg carries out research into long-term prognosis for children being born with a hole in the heart. Photo: Health Communication.

2019.08.08 | People news

What does the prognosis for children born with a hole in the heart look like?

Children with a congenital hole in the heart often undergo surgery as infants or in early childhood, and the subsequent prognosis has been regarded as good. However, researchers have lacked knowledge about the long-term prognosis.

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