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2019.08.07 | Administrative

Apply for funding for your competency development from the national competency fund

From 4 September, you can apply for funding for your individual competency development from the national competency fund (Den Statslige Kompetencefond).

2019.08.06 | Event

PhD defence: Johan Vad-Nielsen

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and EGFR-TKI resistance in NSCLC - From in vitro induction to in vivo detection.

2019.08.06 | Event

PhD defence: Yulia Olsen

Airborne Alternaria and Cladosporium spores in Denmark.

Register for the LinkedIn course and learn about the most effective way for you to communicate on the professionals’ social media. Photo: Health Communication.

2019.08.05 | Events

Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn?

Are you (or would you like to be) active on LinkedIn? And would you like to contribute to the faculty's focus on the professionals’ social media? Now you have the chance to learn new skills you can use on the platform, which can help you draw attention to your work and your workplace.

The 3D printer can print a gel-like biological material called hyaluronate, which is naturally occurring in the body in e.g. connective tissue. It can be used for research and medical treatment.

2019.08.08 | Collaboration

3D printing can be big business for the university, thanks to Health researcher

A technique for printing soft parts using a 3D printer which can, among other things, replace transplanted tissue, has just been outsourced to the company Hyamedix. Assistant Professor Dang Quang Svend Le from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital is the man behind the invention.

Get background knowledge for your EU-application at the one hour crash course on 27 August.

2019.08.08 | Events

Free crash course: Learn to write better EU applications

Health invites all researchers and PhD students at the faculty to a crash course, which provides insights on EU’s largest research fund – in just one hour. The course takes place on 27 August 2019 and you can sign up via the link below.

2019.08.05 | Research

Nordic researchers: A quarter of the world's population at risk of developing tuberculosis

A new approach based on epidemiological evidence of latent tuberculosis shows that it will be extremely difficult to meet the WHO targets to eliminate tuberculosis by 2035.

Sign up for the faculty celebration and look forward to spending a festive evening together with your colleagues. Photo: Centralværkstedet.

2019.08.05 | Events

Do you want to come to the faculty celebration?

Health is holding a celebration for all faculty employees at Centralværkstedet on Friday 30 August 2019. And there’s still time to get your ticket.

2019.08.01 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Elin Rakvaag

Effects of whey protein and wheat bran on risk factors associated with the metabolic syndrome in adults with abdominal obesity.

2019.08.01 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Rajath Sasidharan Pillai

Trigeminal nerve damage: somatosensory and psychophysical aspects in patients and human experimental surrogate models.

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