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2019.07.04 | Event

Medical Innovation Day

Medical Innovation Day is an annual event, which brings together medical companies and students studying any discipline with relation to medicine, health and healthcare.

2019.07.04 | Event

Facing the future - 21st EMBL PhD Symposium

Join us for the 21st Anniversary of the annual EMBL PhD Symposium. Since its conception in 1999, the EMBL PhD Symposium has evolved into a highly respected scientific meeting, connecting young researchers and high-profile scientists alike. This year our Symposium centers on the theme Facing the Future: Challenges and Perspectives of Life Sciences…

2019.07.04 | PhD defense

PhD Defence: Jeanette Finderup

Shared decision-making and dialysis choice: a complex intervention

2019.07.03 | Administrative


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2019.07.02 | PhD defense

PhD Defence: Nis Brix

Maternal Lifestyle During Pregnancy and Timing of Puberty in Sons and Daughters

New EU project could pave the way for European University Alliance. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

2019.07.02 | Research

A new EU transferable skills project will pave the way for a strong European university alliance

Together with five strong partners, Aarhus University has been awarded EU funding for a project that will generate new knowledge about transferable skills while also laying the foundation for a future university network.

2019.07.02 | Conference

Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference on Early Modern Christianity

The aim of this conference is to discuss how lived religion and everyday life and space were formed in the aftermath of the reformation, and how we can trace changes in material culture, in emotions, in social structures, in culture, which may be linked to the reformation and the development of confessional cultures.

Chronic pain can occur all over the body, and the patients have in common that they could fill a shopping basket with pain killers ranging from local anaesthetic ointments to morphine without ever really getting any good results. Illustration by Csaba Deli, Colour Box.
Mette Richner explains that sortilin – and now things get a little convoluted - appears to 'put the brakes on the brake’ which, at the molecular level, stops the body's pain development. Photo: Private.
Christian Vægter says that some of the fundamental mechanisms are quite similar in humans and mice, and therefore the study gives an indication of what is happening in people suffering from chronic pain. Photo: Lars Kruse.
Anders Nykjær states that this project is an excellent example of how translational research may nominate a target for development of new drugs to relieve patients for devastating pain. Photo: Lars Kruse.

2019.07.01 | Research

A molecular link between memory and pain

Exciting new publication in Science Advances from Nykjaer Lab et al.: Sortilin, which is a receptor expressed on the surface of nerve cells, plays a central role in memory and is now surprisingly shown also to be crucial in pain.

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