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2019.11.27 | Seminar

Membranes Seminar - Alexander V. Chibalin

Alexander V. Chibalin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cell Physiology, Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institute

2019.11.27 | Seminar

Membranes Seminar

Sandrine Pierre, Ph.D., Associate Investigator and Education Coordinator, Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, Marshall University, WV, USA

2019.11.26 | Research

Autism and ADHD share genes

Researchers from the national psychiatric project iPSYCH have found that autism and ADHD share changes in the same genes. The new knowledge relates directly to the biological causes of the two child psychiatric disorders.

The Food and Nutrition Network is now a reality: Lene Baad-Hansen from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health is the deputy chairman of the steering committee and was among the speakers at the opening workshop that gathered researchers from all Health institutes. Photos: Simon Byrial Fischel.

2019.11.27 | Research

Is there a protein researcher present?

Health does not have one single avowed food researcher, but the faculty has none the less succeeded in bringing together no less than sixty academic staff in a new interdisciplinary network based around food and nutrition in the context of health and disease. And they want even more!

2019.11.26 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Laura Laine Herborg

Immunophenotyping and genomic profiling in myeloid neoplasms - biological aspects and clinical relevance.

2019.11.28 | Grants and awards


Carlsberg Foundation has awarded grants to 134 outstanding researchers, 30 of whom are from Aarhus University.

Karen-Lise Garm Spindler receives a personal award of DKK 75,000 for her many years of research into the treatment of bowel cancer. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2019.11.27 | Grants and awards

Professor honoured for research into bowel cancer

Karen-Lise Garm Spindler, professor and consultant at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, receives the William Nielsens Foundation’s Personal Award 2019. The award is made in recognition of her long-standing contribution to research into bowel cancer.

2019.11.25 | Seminar

A KJELDGAARD LECTURE by Jens Lykke-Andersen

Jens Lykke-Andersen from the division of Biological Sciences at the University of California San Diego will give a lecture on RNA quality control – how cells sort good from bad RNAs.

2019.11.25 | People news

Welcome to Gülberk Bayraktar who is new student in Tomonori Takeuchi team

Gülberk Bayraktar is a new student intern in the Takeuchi Lab. Gülberk is in Aarhus as part of her translational neuroscience master study at the University of Würzburg. As a visiting student intern at DANDRITE she will be working together with Kristoffer Højgaard. The projects are going to explore mechanism of novelty-enhanced…

2019.11.25 | Seminar

ST task group for diversity and equality hereby invites to an inspiring afternoon

ST task group appointed by the Faculty Management hereby invites all ST Faculty Management members, all ST group and research leaders, all faculty, staff and students to the first event of the ST equality and diversity task group

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