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The five PhD prize winners From left: Sarah Mygind (Arts), Ole Köhler-Forsberg (Health), Mikkel Slot Nielsen (NAT), Martin Thyrsgaard (Aarhus BSS) and Cecilie Hermansen (Tech). Photo: Anne Kring/graphics: Astrid Reitzel.

2020.06.09 | Grants and awards

Prizes awarded to five talented PhD graduates

The Aarhus University Research Foundation awards prizes to five especially talented PhD graduates. On Thursday 4 June, five talented researchers each received DKK 50,000 in recognition of their research and research communication.

2020.06.03 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Wenqian Gu

Anti-hyperglycemic effects of Isosteviol & steviol glucuronide and assessment of the pancreatic α-β cell interaction.

2020.06.03 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Kristian Juul-Madsen

On the Nanoscience of Superoligomeric Proteins

Photo: Ida Jensen

2020.06.09 | Research

New ground rules for external collaboration to secure responsible conduct of research and freedom of research

AU is introducing a new set of ground rules for external research collaboration. The rules will ensure responsible practice and freedom in collaboration, and they will help clarify a complex area.

Paula Maria Lindner

2020.06.03 | Event

PhD defense by Paula Lindner entitled "Role of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ depletion, the unfolded protein response, and autophagy in thapsigargin-induced cell death"

Paula Maria Lindner is joint PhD student between Poul Nissen's group at DANDRITE and Nikolai Engedal at NCMM in Oslo (Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway), and she will be defending the thesis “Role of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ depletion, the unfolded protein response, and autophagy in thapsigargin-induced cell death” for the degree of PhD…

2020.06.03 | Research

Danish researchers have cultivated a living mini brain

An article from DR (in Danish) dips into a research project from Copenhagen University focusing on the human brain in its earliest stages. DANDRITE Group Leader Mark Denham comments the article and points out the importance of understanding the developing brain in order to create future treatments to patients with degenerative diseases.

2020.06.02 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Denise Happ

Experimental investigations of depression and stroke as comorbidities.

2020.06.02 | Research

New protein production facility at DANDRITE

Research assistant Dorthe Strandbygård and lab technician Bente Andersen are now affiliated to Poul Nissen’s group and will be running a mammalian protein production facility in collaboration with Søren Thirup’s group at the Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics for the expression of mammalian membrane proteins. The facility will be using primarily…

2020.06.10 | People news

Mental disorders in the family affects the treatment of people with bipolar disorder

Patients with bipolar disorder who have multiple family members with severe mental disorders, are more difficult to treat and require more medicine. But if they receive an intensive course of treatment, the effect of this is just as good as for patients who do not have a family history of severe mental disorders.

2020.06.02 | Administrative

How can we organize cutting-edge research and training whilst tackling the most difficult scientific questions and global challenges?

The Nordic EMBL Partnership has written a policy paper, outlining the benefits and reasons for following the EMBL group leader model.

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