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2021.12.02 | Seminar

Event: Become a supervisor on Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships

Three inspirational events in December help new and experienced researchers get ready to apply for funding from the EU and the Innovation Fund Denmark. Everyone is welcome – also if you are just curious about what applying involves. There will be sandwiches and time for networking.

2021.12.02 | Research

Physical inactivity: There is no quick fix

One of the big issues for public health is that too many Danes are not physically active In their daily life. A new study from Aarhus University points to a number of barriers to physical activity for physical inactive Danes. Success in reducing physical inactivity will require special initiatives that are neither quick nor simple.

Leif Østergaard has developed scanning methods which are used for the treatment of e.g. blood clots in the brain. Now he is being honoured for his efforts in the field of brain research.

2021.12.02 | Grants and awards

Brain researcher receives the Lassen Prize

Professor Leif Østergaard from the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) receives the Lassen Prize for his research into methods for scanning the brain.

2021.12.01 | Grants and awards

The future of science is interdisciplinary for Poul Nissen, Anders Jahre Medical Prize 2021 winner

Poul Nissen, Director of DANDRITE, received the Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize 2021 in Oslo, Norway in November.

2021.12.01 | Grants and awards

Rasmus Ellerup Kraghede receives an introductory stipendium from the Health Research Foundation of Central Region Denmark

Rasmus Ellerup Kraghede, MD receives an introductory stipendium of 100,000 DKK from the Health Research Foundation of Central Region Denmark for preparation of his PhD.

Vice-dean for Education Lise Wogensen Bach has asked the students' social associations to draw up a code of conduct for future social events. Photo: Simon Fischel, Health Kommunikation.

2021.12.02 | Administrative

Code of conduct for social events will increase focus on inclusive study environments

Aarhus University's goal for both academic and social environments is to embrace all students. For this reason, Vice-dean for Education Lise Wogensen Bach is now placing greater focus on the inclusive social environment at Health. Among other things by ensuring that the students' social associations draw up a code of conduct for future social…

2021.12.01 | Education

Podcast episode about cardiothoracic surgery: after the Hippocratic Oath

Professor and Department Chair Thomas Decker Christensen participated in the podcast series "After the Hippocratic Oath".

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