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Elisabeth Bendstrup is appointed clinical professor and chair in respiratory diseases. Photo: Private

2021.01.28 | People news

Elisabeth Bendstrup appointed as clinical professor and chair

Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital can look forward to a strengthening of both research and treatment in the field of respiratory medicine with the appointment of consultant Elisabeth Bendstrup as new clinical professor and chair.

Helle Terkildsen Maindal is the PhD supervisor of the year at Health. She received the prize and the accompanying personal award of DKK 25,000 at Health's PhD Day on 22 January 2021. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2021.01.28 | Grants and awards

The PhD supervisor of the year sets an example for ambitious younger female researchers

Professor Helle Terkildsen Maindal from the Department of Public Health receives the JCD Prize 2021. In addition to being a talented and well-liked supervisor, she is also a role model for her PhD students. She boosts her students and helps them through the practical and organisational challenges faced by younger female research talents in…

Five new projects received funding from the faculty's EDU IT pool for 2021. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2021.01.28 | Education

Health awards EDU IT funding to new digitisation projects

Earlier this month, five new projects received funding from the faculty's EDU IT pool for 2021. The projects include video recordings of medical students’ final exams, the production of animated teaching videos and new methods for activating and motivating students during online teaching.

2021.01.27 | Research

An interdisciplinary research team from Denmark discovers new control mechanism in the innate immune system

Although the protein ITIH4 is found in large amounts in the blood, its function has so far been unknown. By combining many different techniques, researchers from Aarhus University have discovered that ITIH4 inhibits proteases in the innate immune system via an unknown mechanism. The research results have just been published in the prestigious…

Four researchers from Health receive a total of DKK 6 million from Aarhus University Research Foundation. From left: Karin Lykke-Hartmann, Hanne Bjerregård Møller, Lene Baad-Hansen and Mogens Johansen. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto, Jann Thiele Zeiss and Simon Fischel, Health Communication.

2021.01.27 | Grants and awards

Four Health researchers receive AUFF-grants

Aarhus University Research Foundation grants a total of DKK 6 million from its NOVA-programme to four researchers from Health. The funds will strengthen innovative research in fields such as fertility treatment and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

2021.01.27 | Event

PhD defense by Sofia Trampari: "Understanding the dynamics of the lipid detergent environment on membrane proteins’ crystallization"

During her PhD studies, Sofia Trampari studied membrane protein mechanisms. Membrane proteins are fundamental molecules for the function of organisms, and they are targets of a big part of developed drugs. To effectively understand their function, it is important to acquire their 3D architecture. Crystallography is one of the most effective ways…

Image of Emily Carlsen Pheasant.

2021.01.26 | People news

Congratulations to Emily Carlsen Pheasant who is new PhD student in Kjærgaard group

Emily Carlsen Pheasant will continue her work in Kjærgaard group as PhD student per 1 February.

Now, employees at Health can get help with Twitter in the faculty's new guide. The guide includes both good advice and detailed guidelines, and two of the faculty's most active Twitter users share their experience. Photo: AU Health and Danielle MacInnes, Unsplash.

2021.01.28 | Administrative

New guide: Get onboard the Twitter train

Twitterbrain, #dkforsk and tweets. If you are not already familiar with the expressions, perhaps you will be soon. Health's new Twitter guide is self-help for all those who wish to turbocharge their network and academic dialogues. Here, Christine Parsons and Asser Hedegård Thomsen explain why they spend time on the platform.

PhD student Jacob Thyrsted Jensen, Department of Biomedicine, receives the faculty's 3R Prize. Photo: Simon Fischel, AU Health

2021.01.28 | Grants and awards

Viral researcher rewarded with animal welfare prize

Jacob Thyrsted Jensen from Aarhus University carries out research into respiratory infections. In his PhD project, he has replaced laboratory animals with an advanced cell model, in the process earning the 3R Award, which is given to PhD students who make a special effort for animal welfare.

Photo: AU Photo

2021.01.25 | Administrative

The 2021 salary negotiations process will begin soon

In the period 4 – 25 February, employees at Aarhus University can fill out a form to apply for a salary increase in the 2021 salary negotiations.

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