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Renée Toft Simonsen writes children's books based on the reality in which modern children grow up. She deals with topics such as divorce, friendship, love, integration and alternative family structures using a politically incorrect and child-friendly language. Photo: Joachim Ladefoged
When Renée Toft Simonsen had to find photos from her studies, it turned out that her children were in most of the pictures. This says a lot is about her time as a student at Aarhus University. Here she is with her children Ulrikke and Jens Christian in the kitchen in the house on Skrænten. Photo: Private.

2021.05.26 | People news

I use my degree in my own way

Renée Toft Simonsen, Master of Science in Psychology, didn’t take the usual path through her studies. Life took her to Aarhus University, where she balanced her psychology studies with her responsibilities as a young mother. After saying no to a PhD, the former super model discovered how she really wanted to live her life.

2021.05.26 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Morten Riemenschneider

Exercise therapy as a supplemental treatment strategy in early multiple sclerosis

2021.05.26 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Katrine Meyer Lauritsen

Metabolic effects of ketone bodies and SGLT2 inhibition

2021.05.26 | Event

European Innovation Council Online Event

Would you like to know more about the European Innovation Council and its funding opportunities - and are you a researcher, research coordinator, university spinout or startup?

2021.05.26 | Research

Would you like to know more about the European Innovation Council and its funding opportunities?

Are you a researcher, research coordinator, university spinout or startup? Would you like to know more about EIC which provides funding to high risk deep tech interdisciplinary research teams and innovative startups or SME’s in the size of EUR 2.5 million in grant plus up to EUR 15 million in venture capital?

2021.05.26 | Conference

The Neuroscience Summit

The Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies inaugurates in September 2021 The Neuroscience Summit, a regular annual forum designed to mobilize a select group of global thought leaders and scholars across areas of neuroscience, with the goal of charting a path for engaging global neuroscience leadership in future trends on a broad scale.

2021.05.26 | Conference

Advanced Neuroscience Course - Single Cell Omics

Neuroscience has entered a critical phase, with several international large-scale efforts devoted to the analysis and understanding of brain function. Studies exploiting new technologies for defining the connections in the brain, driving neuronal activity and modeling of neuronal processing are each hampered by our incomplete knowledge of the…

2021.05.26 | Conference

Advanced Neuroscience Course - Synaptic Basis of Disease

Synapses are essential for shaping mammalian behavior and, when dysfunctional, will lead to symptoms of disease. Central nervous system synapses mature postnatally to form functional circuits. Once established they maintain a wide dynamic range, which is essential for adaptive behavior, including learning and memory. Synaptic plasticity is induced…

2021.05.26 | Conference

Advanced Neuroscience Course - Molecular Tactics for Glioblastoma

Glioblastomas (GBs) are one of the most aggressive cancers, with no change in standard of care for 20 years and median survival about 15 months. This bleak outcome has stimulated a new generation of therapies that target Achilles’ heels of these tumors and their microenvironment. This Advanced Course will focus on new approaches towards treating…

2021.05.26 | Conference

Advanced Neuroscience Course - Learning and Memory

This Advanced Course will bring together world experts in examining memory (and the engrams that support them) at multiple levels of analysis from synapses and neurons to circuits and systems applying a variety of different techniques to animal models in health and diseases. Each day of the course, an Instructor will give an in-depth presentation,…

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