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2021.05.18 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Louise Lindholdt

Adolescents and mental health in a life course approach

2021.05.20 | Research

Additional genetic risk variants behind bipolar disorder have emerged

Researchers from the Danish psychiatry research-project iPSYCH have contributed to identify 33 new genetic variants which, as it turns out, play a role in bipolar disorder. To achieve this, they have examined DNA profiles from 413,000 people.

With the grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Christian Kanstrup Holm can intensify his research into the treatment of viral infections such as the coronavirus. Photo: Simon Byrial Fischel, AU Health.

2021.05.20 | Grants and awards

Grant strengthens research into pandemic viral infections

Associate Professor Christian Kanstrup Holm from Aarhus University receives almost ten million kroner from the Novo Nordisk Foundation towards his research into the treatment of viral infections which cause respiratory problems and have the potential to develop into pandemics.

2021.05.17 | Seminar

JRA & TTO Busines Development present: An introduction to venture capital for PhDs and Postdocs

In this event, JRA present an opportunity to listen to Diede Brunen, an Associate at BioGeneration Ventures. Diede will present an introduction to venture capital and to learn how to communicate with them in the first steps of creating a startup.

2021.05.13 | Event

Doctoral defence: Peter Jepsen

The clinical course of liver cirrhosis - Studies of prognosis and the effects of selected medicines and comorbidity

2021.05.13 | Event

Doctoral defence: Peter Agger

Myocardial Structure, Function, and Metabolism

2021.05.13 | Event

Doctoral defence: Bjarne Linde Nørgaard

CT Angiography Derived Fractional Flow Reserve Testing in Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Diagnostic Performance, Clinical Utility, and Prognosis

2021.05.13 | Event

Brian Clark Biotech Lecture: Lars Fogh Iversen, Novo Nordisk A/S

Lars Fogh Iversen has been with Novo Nordisk for more than 20 years, first as a researcher and now in leadership. He has an impressive career path from a PhD in protein crystallography at the University of Copenhagen to where he is today at Novo Nordisk with the responsibility for their strategies in Global Research Technologies. At the seminar he…

Professor Berit Andersen (left), Senior Researcher Pia Kirkegaard and Postdoc Mette Tranberg (right), expect the results of the project to increase the screening participation of some of the most disadvantaged women in Europe and thus contribute to the UN’s goal of seventy per cent of all women taking part in cervical cancer screening in 2030. Photo: Helle Brandstrup Larsen.

2021.05.18 | Grants and awards

Researchers from Health receive grant for research into cervical cancer

Professor Berit Andersen and Senior Researcher Pia Kirkegaard from the Department of Clinical Medicine are heading the Danish part of a five-year EU project aiming to reduce social inequality in screening for cervical cancer. The project has been granted a total of DKK 27 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 pool.

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