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Lene Baad-Hansen’s first day in her new position at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health will be 1 April 2021. Photo: Jann Thiele Zeiss.

2021.03.25 | People news

New professor conducts research into chronic oral and maxillofacial pain and nutrition

How does pain, missing teeth or dryness in the mouth affect our nutrition? And is there a correlation between what we eat in childhood and our risk of developing maxillofacial pain and headaches as an adult? This is the area which Lene Baad-Hansen, who is a new professor at Aarhus University, investigates.

Throughout a century, Emeritus Professor Marianne Hokland has been the faculty's occupational health and safety manager.

2021.03.25 | Administrative

“It’s not much use if you end up dying from going to work”

After 25 years in the position, Marianne Hokland is stopping as the faculty's coordinating occupational health and safety manager. Here she looks back on a quarter of a century during which employee safety has been both a labour of love and also a lot of elbow grease and cooperation.

2021.03.25 | Event

CANCELLED: Life Science Matchmaking Day 2021

Life Science Matchmaking Day is an annual event that brings together companies from all over Denmark with students from NAT, TECH and HEALTH.

Screenshot from the first film in the digital welcome presentation, in which rector welcomes new empleoyees

2021.03.24 | Administration (Academic)

A new digital welcome presentation will help new AU employees get off to a good start

A new digital welcome presentation will give future new employees of AU a clear, accessible introduction to Aarhus University as an organisation and workplace. The presentation is intended as a supplement to local onboarding programmes.

2021.03.24 | Grants and awards

NorDoc Summer School 2021

Sign up and apply for financial support. The Summer School takes place from 16-20 August in Copenhagen

2021.03.24 | Event

Meet Nobel Laureate Peter C. Agre

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Peter C. Agre pays us a virtual visit and talks about his academic career under the heading "A Life in Science: Challenges & Rewards".

We do not expect a full reopening of the universities before the summer holiday. However, it should be possible to discuss a gradual reopening of reading rooms, associations/clubs and research activities, according to Berit Eika and Brian Bech Nielsen. Photo: Lars Kruse/AU

2021.03.26 | Administrative

Pro-rector and rector: "Prioritise letting students return to campus"

Both students and teaching staff are losing motivation. In their article in the online newspaper Altinget, Berit Eika and Brian Bech Nielsen write that politicians should discuss the gradual reopening of reading rooms, associations/clubs and research activities when negotiating a further reopening of society.

[Translate to English:] Arbejdet med implementeringen af det nye fælles planlægningssystem er nu i sin afsluttende fase, og inden længe er systemet i brug på hele Aarhus Universitet. Foto: AU foto

2021.03.23 | Administrative

Digital transformation: Academics and adminstration must go hand in hand

The implementation of the new university-wide timetabling system is now drawing to a close, and the system will soon be in use across the university. In this article, three of the central participants in the roll-out share some highlights from this massive digital transformation.

There is no doubt that the results of the study challenge the threshold value that is in place throughout the Western world, says professor Torben Sigsgaard. Photo: Greg McQueen Photography.

2021.03.23 | Research

Even small levels of nitrate in drinking water results in smaller babies

It appears that the weight of newborn babies decreases if even small amounts of nitrates are present in the drinking water that mothers drink before and during pregnancy. This is shown by a major new register-based study carried out by researchers at the universities in Aarhus and Chicago, USA. They now question whether the threshold value is too…

2021.03.22 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Birgit Refsgaard Iversen

The impact of affiliation to a cross-sectorial lung team for patients with COPD

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