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2021.03.17 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Kevin Kris Warnakula Olesen

Cardiovascular risk in diabetes patients without coronary artery dise

2021.03.17 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Anders Sjørslev Schmidt

Cardioversion of atrial fibrillation

The results mean that the researchers now hope to find and investigate ways to influence Parkinson's disease by treating the blood and not the brain.
Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Kommunikation

2021.03.16 | Research

Immune cells in blood influence the brain during early development of Parkinson's disease

A group of people with sleep disorders have helped researchers from Aarhus make an important discovery about Parkinson's disease. The study could pave the way for new diagnostic tools and forms of treatment in the future.

2021.03.16 | Administrative

Yellow banner will help you spot phishing emails

Please notice: On 25 March, it was decided to remove the yellow banner. As of Tuesday 23 March, emails from external senders will be marked with a yellow banner to remind you to be extra vigilant about possible phishing attempts.

2021.03.19 | Administrative

Almost 6,000 young people would prefer to study at Aarhus University

Just under 6,000 applicants have indicated Aarhus University as their first choice, according to preliminary quota 2 application figures.

Image of Junior.

2021.03.15 | People news

New DANDRITE Alumni Feature with Junior Samuel Lopez Yepez

In this feature, Junior, postdoc from Kvitsiani Group, sheds a light on the field of his research, his career path, and how he has used the skills and experiences gained at DANDRITE in his subsequent positions. Finally, Junior will give his advice to someone who is considering pursuing a PhD.

Ole Köhler-Forsberg, Department of Clinical Medicine, defended his higher doctoral dissertation on 26 February 2021. Photo: Anne Kring

2021.03.15 | People news

Is there a correlation between inflammation and mental disorders?

Medical Doctor and PhD Ole Köhler-Forsberg from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, Psychiatry has just defended his higher doctoral dissertation. Here he examines whether inflammatory reactions play a role in the development of severe mental disorders. The preliminary results indicate that this is indeed the case.

PIREAU is the name of AU’s new interdisciplinary research centre for inequality. Photo: Lars Kruse.

2021.03.19 | Research


A new interdisciplinary centre at Aarhus University will produce new knowledge about inequality and how to fight it. Elite researchers from both Aarhus BSS and Health are involved.

When Denmark was forced to its knees by the coronavirus pandemic, AU researchers Søren Riis Paludan and Michael Bang Petersen set out to produce knowledge that could be used to tackle the pandemic. Photo: Lars Kruse/AU

2021.03.19 | Research

"The coronavirus pandemic became a test of what research can do"

Online teaching, cancelled research projects and having to work from home. This has been the new norm at Aarhus University since 11 March 2020. But the pandemic has also triggered new studies and research collaborations that have helped to address the social crisis brought about by the pandemic. Meet two AU profiles who can now add 'corona…

2021.03.12 | Event

Hjerneugen 2021: Red Hjernen

Deltag i digitale foredrag med ny og spændende viden om stroke. I anledning af årets Hjerneuge afholder Red Hjernen i samarbejde med TrygFonden en række digitale foredrag om den nyeste viden og aktiviteter indenfor stroke med spændende oplægsholdere. Foredragene henvender sig til borgere, fagfolk og andre med interesse for stroke.

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