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Climate Alliance Aarhus will focus on the green transition in transport, recycling, food, buildings, waste separation and procurement.

2021.03.08 | Research

Climate Alliance Aarhus: AU to head work on circular procurement

How can businesses and organisations generate more climate-friendly procurement? Aarhus University will help to answer this question when a working group headed by the university roll up their sleeves as part of a new climate alliance in Aarhus.

2021.03.05 | Talent development

NorDoc Summer School 2021

NorDoc Summer School takes place 16-21 August in Copenhagen - sign up now!

Surface expression of monocytic markers and PET data or UPSIT score in iRBD patients.

2021.03.05 | Research

New publication from Marina Romero-Ramos' lab

The paper is made in collaboration with Prof. N. Pavese and Prof. E. Tolosa. You can find more information and a link to the publication here.

The graduate students who will participate in 3TM will all received online training in rhetoric and body language prior to the competition, so they’re prepared to deliver a razor-sharp, vivid presentation of their research. The photo shows 16of the graduate students, along with academic staff members at a workshop. Photo: Project Manager Katrine Boserup Jensen

2021.03.11 | Events

Watch the eurovision song contest for junior research talents

18 PhD student will battle for to become AU’s contestant in the European final of the Three Minute Thesis Competition, which crowns the best research graduate student research communicator in Europe. Join this virtual AU event on 18 March, when research talents will present talk on a wide variety of topics, from radicalisation and extremism and…

Together with their research colleagues, Hans Jürgen Hoffmann and Karin Jeppesen are investigating a new and promising method of vaccination for allergy sufferers allergic to grass pollen. Photo: Susanne Stenhøj Laursen.

2021.03.04 | Grants and awards

DKK 15 million towards research into better treatment of allergies

Can three injections of allergen into a lymph node help people who have grass pollen allergy? Researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital believe that it can, and they have received a grant of DKK 15 million from the Innovation Fund Denmark to study the new vaccination method more closely.

2021.03.04 | Research

New publication in Nature from Nissen lab - Structure determination of the glycine transporter GlyT1 opens new avenues in development of psychiatric drugs

Glycine can stimulate or inhibit neurons in the brain, thereby controlling complex functions. Unraveling the three-dimensional structure of the glycine transporter, researchers have now come a big step closer to understanding the regulation of glycine in the brain. These results, which have been published in Nature, open up opportunities to find…

2021.03.03 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Line Stjernholm Tipsmark

Organisation of Danish emergency departments

2021.03.03 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Asbjørn Graver Petersen

Protective role of KCa3.1 ion channel blockers in animal models of acute respiratory distress syndrome

2021.03.03 | Research

New publication from Yonehara's Lab

A paper from Keisuke Yonehara’s lab entitled “Rapid multi-directed cholinergic transmission in the central nervous system” has been published in Nature Communications. Akihiro Matsumoto from Yonehara lab shares the first authorship with Santhosh Sethuramanujam from Gautam Awatramani lab at University of Victoria, Canada.

Benedicte Vestergaard

2021.03.02 | People news

Welcome to Benedicte Vestergaard who is new Laboratory Technician in Jensen's group

As of 1 March Benedicte will be taking over Jette’s tasks in Poul Henning Jensen's group which are both administrative and experimental. The experimental work will primarily be protein chemical work but also cell culture and molecular biological tests. Benedicte will also contribute to the organization of the group, manage purchases, supervise…

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