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2022.01.10 | Seminar

Biomedicine Seminar

Information follows

2022.01.10 | Seminar

Biomedicine Seminar

Information follows

2022.01.10 | Seminar

Biomedicine Seminar

Lecturer: Ermelinda Porpiglia

2022.01.10 | Seminar

Biomedicine Seminar

Lecturer: Professor Antoine de Morree

2022.01.10 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Hannah Brogård Andersen

Circulatory support in neonatal resuscitation

Rasmus O. Bak conducts research into CRISPR/Cas-based gene technologies which can, among other things, perform targeted gene editing and gene regulation. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2022.01.10 | Grants and awards

ERC grant will improve treatment with stem cells

The use of stem cells from the blood – called hematopoietic cells – in the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases can be a challenge. According to Associate Professor Rasmus O. Bak from Aarhus University, the solution is genetic engineering. He has received EUR 1.5 million from the European Research Council (ERC) to support a new five-year…

2022.01.10 | Meeting

DANDRITE Internal Meeting - 13 January

DANDRITE Internal Meetings take place every second Thursday from 9-10 am, where all staff and students at DANDRITE meet to give each other updates on the research done at DANDRITE in order to facilitate interaction and collaborations among the groups.

2022.01.13 | Administrative

Proposed new travel policy encourages less and more climate-friendly work travel

AU’s revised travel policy proposed a variety of new climate-friendly measures and encourages staff to think twice before travelling for work.

2022.01.07 | Event


Are you looking for a Bachelor, Master or PhD project within neuroscience? Then join DANDRITE Student ENCOUNTERS 2022 and get inspiration and insights on opportunities for student projects in DANDRITE’s different research groups. Deadline for registration is 24 February 2022

2022.01.07 | Seminar

SciLifeLab Infrastructure Outreach Week

SciLifeLab is a national infrastructure within life science available for researchers in academia, healthcare, and industry. SciLifeLab Infrastructure will present relevant technologies available at SciLifeLab and illustrate their utilization by user cases related to the topic of each session. There will be a 2 hour session per day.

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