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Professor Poul Nissen and Associate Professor Magnus Kjærgaard.

2021.12.15 | Grants and awards

Magnus Kjærgaard and Poul Nissen reveive grants from the Carlsberg Foundation

Congratulations to Associate Professor Magnus Kjærgaard and Professor Poul Nissen who have both been awarded grants from the Carlsberg Foundation for Danish basic research.

Siri Beier Jensen believes top management carries an extra responsibility to ensure equality and diversity at the university.

2021.12.16 | Policy and strategy

Managers should be measured on their efforts to ensure gender equality

Diversity is a management responsibility, and gender equality should be a parameter that is just as visible and measurable as budgeting, according to Siri Beier Jensen, who is the faculty's diversity and gender equality representative.

2021.12.14 | Grants and awards

Our Christmas present to all Danish hearts is 20 million DKK

We will be granting 20 million DKK to research within cardiovascular disease – this is a huge Christmas present for all Danish hearts. In this first round of applications, 20 projects (PhD and Postdoc.) will receive a grant.

2021.12.14 | People news

Michelle Juknaviciute Laursen continues as research assistant in Nissen Group

Michelle Juknaviciute Laursen continues as research assistant in Poul Nissen's group, where her research focus will be continuation of the work investigating the regulation of ATP8B1 flippase activity.

As professor, department chair, Henning Grønbæk is responsible for the clinical research that takes place between Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital in the field of liver-, gastrointestinal and intestinal diseases. Photo: AUH

2021.12.16 | People news

Henning Grønbæk appointed professor, department chair

With the appointment of Henning Grønbæk as new professor, department chair at Aarhus University, both patients and research can now look forward to intensified efforts in the field of hepatology and gastroenterology.

Morten Böttcher will be appointed professor on 1 April 2022.

2021.12.16 | People news

New professor will strengthen treatment of coronary heart disease

Improved diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, also called atherosclerosis, is the focal point of Morten Böttchers's research. He is a new professor at Aarhus University.

Majken Borup Thomsen, Annie Landau, Cecilie Bay-Richter

2021.12.10 | Research

New publication in Biomedicines

Majken Borup Thomsen, Cecilie Bay-Richter, Annie Landau and colleagues have just published this article in Biomedicines.

Lisbeth Frostholm recieved a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark in 2018 for an application for patients with undiagnosed symptoms. Photo: Jakob Binderup

2021.12.10 | Policy and strategy

"Describe your idea so a 14-year-old could understand it"

A half-hearted application is not going to cut it if you are to have any hope of securing a grant from the Innovation Fund Denmark. A precise and easy-to-understand project description and a detailed implementation plan are the key elements, according to two researchers from Aarhus University who have previously received grants.

Morten Schmidt receives the Jorcks Foundation Research Prize, founded by the Reinholdt W. Jorck & Hustrus Foundation. From the right: President of the Supreme Court of Denmark Thomas Rørdam, Associate Professor Morten Schmidt, Aarhus University. Photo: Peter Nørby

2021.12.16 | People news

Cardiac researcher receives the Jorcks Foundation Research Prize 2021

Associate Professor Morten Schmidt from Aarhus University is honoured with the Jorcks Research Prize for his research into heart disease and medication side effects.

2021.12.10 | Research

New publication in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience by Yonehara's Lab

The paper entitled “EyeLoop: An Open-Source System for High-Speed, Closed-Loop Eye-Tracking” has been published in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. This work was spearheaded by Master Student Simon Arvin.

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