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Police warn about stolen goods

In a new campaign, East Jutland Police warn students against buying goods at prices that seem too good to be true. It might be stolen goods.

2015.09.08 | Mette Helm

A brand new laptop at a very low price. It almost seems too good to be true - and maybe it is. Right now, the police warn students not to get tricked into buying goods at exceptionally low prices. It might be stolen goods.

Buying stolen goods is a criminal offence as though you have stolen the goods yourself and even though you acted in good faith, you can never own something that has been stolen.

The police therefore encourage you to be critical:

  • Consider the price and give yourself the benefit of the doubt - is the offer too good to be true?
  • Check the identity of the person who is selling the goods
  • Get a receipt with every purchase

If you have been offered to buy stolen goods, please contact the police at 87 31 14 48 or 114.

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