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The keynote speakers for PhD Day 2018

The PhD Day on 26 January 2018 presents Professor Charles Dinarello and Dr Joseph Alpert as keynote speakers.

2017.07.27 | Louise Nygaard Kristensen

Join us at the PhD Day 2018 and meet the two keynote speakers Professor Charles Dinarello and Dr Joseph Alpert.

Charles Dinarello

Charles Dinarello is among the world’s top researchers. He has discovered the IL-1-family and moved these discoveries to treatment of many diseases. Meet Charles Dinarello in this video.

Joseph Alpert

Joseph Alpert is a Danish-American cardiologist and has for many years been the chef editor of American Journal of Medicine. Joseph Alpert will focus on how the world would be, if the recent years of scientific progress was not implemented. Meet Joseph Alpert in this video - in English or Danish.

Learn more about the topic of the PhD Day 2018; Believe in Science.

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