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21.08.2019 | Kursus

Collaboration Planning: How to identify and contact important stakeholders

How do you establish collaborations and approach companies with your research ideas? Turn your research into impact and learn how to build relationships and plan projects in this hands-on workshop.

21.08.2019 | Møde

Open "lab": Drop in and let us help you

Line from Science from Society will be helping you with your specific questions about e.g. your business model, add-ons to make the perfect pitch, or how you can work with impact when describing your research in e.g. grant applications.

21.08.2019 | Kursus

A good pitch is everything

Doing a convincing pitch is not as easy as it seems. After this workshop, you will have tools to prepare the perfect pitch for a broad range of professionals.

21.08.2019 | Offentligheden/Pressen

Nordic Drug Information Meeting 2019

The Danish Society for Clinical Pharmacology and the Departments of Clinical Pharmacology in Odense and Aarhus are delighted to host the 2019 Nordic Drug Meeting, September 23rd and 24th, in Odense, Denmark.

21.08.2019 | Kursus

How do I navigate uncertainty?

In this workshop, you will be taken through a gamified process miming the challenges and obstacles involved in working with external stakeholders, applying your research or creating a spinout based on your research.

20.08.2019 | Kursus

Business Model Canvas - a practical workshop

In this workshop, you will get the tools and the know-how to build a business model based on your research. By using nine simple components, you can design a business model which can be used for many different purposes; identifying users/costumers, key resources and partners.

20.08.2019 | Kursus

Explore the assets in your research

In this workshop, you will learn to make an inventory list of the different assets which your research posses. Such a list makes it easier to highlight the assets that could be useful for you or others and to get an overview of the components in a project.

20.08.2019 | Kursus

Create impact from your research

In this workshop, we will through the “Value in research Canvas” and different exercises work with how you can put your research into play.

20.08.2019 | Kursus

Create value from your research

In this workshop, we give you practical experience in research based value creation by reducing complex research concepts to clear value propositions.

20.08.2019 | Kursus

Workshop: Put your research into play in various contexts

A lot of research can be put into play and create value outside of academia but it can be challenging to see the opportunities and also to communicate the value you can create to different audiences and stakeholders. In this workshop we will work with how you can put your research into play in different contexts.

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