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08.05.2019 | Navnenyt

Prof Elvira Brattico in BBC World Service - CrowdScience podcast on beauty

Brattico shares neuroscientific view on beauty in discussion with mathematician and choreographer.

08.05.2019 | Møde


08.05.2019 | Møde


08.05.2019 | Møde


08.05.2019 | Bevillinger og priser

Professor Morten Overgaard (CNRU) in Sustainable Development Goals project

Two new network projects at Aarhus University have been established in order to generate new knowledge that can help society achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The networks are funded by the Committee for Research and External Cooperation at AU with DKK 1 million each.

07.05.2019 | Seminar

MIB guest talk: Markus Müller

Prof Markus Müller from Center for Science of Complex Systems, UNAM (Mexico) visits MIB and gives talk titled: Multiple scaling behaviour and nonlinear traits in music scores

07.05.2019 | Forskning

Studerende opfinder insekttællende robot

To ingeniørstuderende fra Aarhus Universitet har udviklet en robot, der kan identificere og tælle insekter. Det giver forskere nye muligheder for at opdage tidlige forandringer i biodiversitet.

07.05.2019 | Ph.d.-forsvar

Ph.d.-forsvar: Dmitri Zintchouk

Effectiveness of geriatrician-performed comprehensive geriatric care in older people referred to a Danish community rehabilitation unit.

07.05.2019 | Ph.d.-forsvar

Ph.d.-forsvar: Ina Qvist

Adherence to recommended preventive medication treatment among men aged 65-74 with cardiovascular disease in a screening trial.

07.05.2019 | Ph.d.-forsvar

Ph.d.-forsvar: Frederik Rønne Pachler

Aspects of fertility in patients with restorative proctocolectomy for ulcerative colitis.

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