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16th World Congress on Pain

The 16th World Congress on Pain takes in Yokohama, Japan 26-30 September 2016. The World Congress provides state-of-the-art learning opportunities on a variety of topics in pain research and treatment.

27.05.2016 | Helle Obenhausen Andersen

Dato man 26 sep fre 30 sep
Tid 08:00    16:00
Sted Pacifico Convention Center, Yokohama, Japan

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On Wednesday afternoon (28 September), Prof. Jensen and Prof. Bennett together with Roy Freeman give a lecture as part of the workshop: Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: A Clinical and Therapeutic Challenge

Workshop summary
The world is currently experiencing an epidemic of diabetes mellitus of which the most common complication is neuropathy. About 50% of patients with diabetes will develop a distal symmetric polyneuropathy during the course of their disease and up to 50% of those will have pain as part of their neuropathy. Despite its high prevalence the clinical differences of non-painful and painful diabetic neuropathy (DN, PDN) are not clear. A prerequisite for understanding mechanisms of pain in DN is to determine the phenotypic characteristics of both DN and PDN. DN is a mixed neuropathy with both large and small fiber involvement. Small fiber neuropathy in diabetes is important to recognize, but often represent a diagnostic challenge because autonomic and somatic C and A δ fibers are not easily assessed. Treatment of non-painful and painful DN has so far mostly been limited to symptomatic treatment; focus needs to be on a more causal treatment of neuropathy and pain-generating mechanisms.

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