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AIAS Guest Lecture: Prof. Jonathan Strefford

Dissecting the Cancer Genome; the example of CLL and associated disorders

08.06.2016 | Anders Esager

Dato fre 17 jun
Tid 13:30 15:00
Sted The AIAS Auditorium, Building 1632, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus C

Prof. Jonathan Strefford


Mature B-cell malignancies, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia remains at the forefront of the genetic analysis of human tumours, principally due its prevalence, protracted natural history and accessibility to suitable material for analysis. With the application of high-throughput genetic technologies, we have an unbridled view of the architecture of the genome of these conditions, including a comprehensive description of the copy number and mutational landscape of the disease, a detailed picture of clonal evolution during pathogenesis, and the molecular mechanisms that drive genomic instability and therapeutic resistance. This work has nuanced the prognostic importance of established copy number alterations, and identified novel prognostically relevant gene mutations that function within biological pathways that are attractive treatment targets. This lecture will cover our currently thinking on the clinical and biological importance of genomic lesions in CLL and associated disorders, such as splenic marginal zone lymphoma. This will include the identification of novel genomic lesions, their possible pathogenic role in these diseases, and how this knowledge could be exploited to benefit patient care. 

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All are welcome and registration is not necessary - just show up. After the lecture, further discussion is possible accompanied by coffee, tea and cake in the AIAS Hall.

Organiser and contact

The guest lecture is organised as a collaboration between Tomasz K. Wojdacz (AIAS) and Lise Lotte Hansen (Aarhus University):

Tomasz K. Wojdacz, AIAS Fellow
Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS), Aarhus University
Phone: +4587152136

Lise Lotte Hansen, Associate Professor
Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University
Phone: +4587167776 

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