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AIAS Research Seminar

Cultural understandings of health and ill health: A comparative study of Ukrainian and Danish females

28.08.2018 | Health Kommunikation

Dato ons 12 sep
Tid 11:00 12:30
Sted AIAS, Building 1630, room 101, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, 8000 Aarhus C.

In this seminar, we will present and discuss with seminar participants the findings of our collaborative study where we identified and compared cultural differences in meanings associated with “health” and “ill health” between females with lower socio-economic status in Ukraine and in Denmark. Denmark and Ukraine are at opposite ends of the wellbeing and health spectrum within Europe, raising questions about the cultural meanings that are attached to “health” and “ill health” in these two countries. We explored women’s understandings of health and ill health, as women typically estimate and experience their health to be poorer than men do, although they live longer. We focused on middle aged women (aged 45-65 years) given the differences between how women in this age group in the two countries report their health as being poor.

Research seminar highlights

  • Methodological considerations – setting up a comparative study in two different countries
  • Findings from the Ukrainian study
  • Findings from the Danish study
  • Comparison between the findings, and implications
  • Round-table discussion


The seminar will take place on September 12th from 11:00-12:30 in the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Building 1630, Room 101. Coffee and lunch will be served – could you therefore please let us know by September 7 if you are coming?  


Associate Professor Iryna Mazhak (AIAS COFUND fellow) in collaboration with Associate Professor Antoinette Fage-Butler (English, Aarhus University)


Iryna Mazhak: irynamazhak@aias.au.dk

Antoinette Fage-Butler: fage-butler@cc.au.dk

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