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Get your message across

Get af media training for AU researchers. Courses for non Danish speaking PhD students can be arranged.

23.08.2013 | Henriette Stevnhøj

Get your message across - get media training.

How can you make sure your message gets across? What should you do when a journalist calls you? And if you’re suddenly asked to go on the radio or TV live, will you be ready? AU Communication offers media training courses that will give you the techniques you need to communicate your research results clearly and precisely. We are offering courses in Aarhus 22nd  of October and 19th of November.

Read more and sign up for a Media Training course (in Danish)

These courses will be offered in Danish. Non Danish speaking PhD students who wish to join a media training course can contact Mathilde Weirsøe, mawei@dpu.dk

Futher informations:

Mathilde Weirsøe

Aarhus Universitet - Arts

Tlf: 8715 1745
Mobil: 6038 2607

E-mail: mawei@dpu.dk


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